Sunday, September 2, 2007

'Jaws' visits Rockaway Beach

A thresher shark washed ashore in the Rockaways yesterday but while some ran for their lives, others on the beach simply pushed him back into the water, saving his life:

Shark forces closure of Rockaway Beach


Post's Shark Slideshow

6-foot shark stranded on Rockaways pushed back to sea

Still the beach may remain closed throughout the weekend as a precaution. The thresher shark is a generally harmless species that does not attack humans.

Photo from NY Post


Anonymous said...

I like animals a lot but I'm not sure if I'd go out of my way to save a shark.

Taxpayer said...

Sharky, sharky get off the beach,
Can't you hear the people screech?

Get back in the water and go away,
We'll look for you some other day.

You can thrash; you can bite;
you can't scare us, except at night.

You razor teeth might off my arm (or leg),
I don't care; I can wear a peg.

The only thing that worries me
Is that you might be an attorney!

Anonymous said...

Hark hark,
I saw a shark,
munching on people,
in a cutty sark.

Anonymous said...

The first of many "developers" has arrived by sea route!

Connie R said...

I'd rather see a shark than another "Golden Venture".

Anonymous said...

Threshers are harmless to humans... if that one wasnt a pup and i was there i would have grabbed his ass......TASTY!