Monday, September 10, 2007

Corona crap crams 'em in

Hello, I just found your blog recently and I think it is the shit.

Here is a building that they are putting up on my block in Corona, I think it is worthy of being on your site.

The address:
56-24 thru 56-28 Van Cleef Street
Corona, NY 11368

Take care,

Yep, that certainly qualifies.


Mike D said...

they make garbage like this even worse by trying to add fake tasteless ornate-ness to a cheap, bland, ugly box of a building.

it's kind of like taking a shit, putting a cherry on top and calling it a sundae.

Anonymous said...

funny comment, hee, hee.

Anonymous said...

This may sound like a continuing rant but
we do have a continuing situation of overbuilding
in spite of an existing antiquated infrastructure
in the entirety of our city.

There was probably a one.....maybe two family house on this I right (?).....before this brick blockhouse was built.

Count how many families will now be occupying this monstrous structure.....6 or maybe 8 (???) .

That's a lot of new vehicles (2 per family? maybe)
on the block.....hundreds of toilets flushing
(and rainwater) into an already inadequate
sewer system, higher electrical demands
straining the overtaxed power grid,
more kids crowding the overcrowded schools....
yadda, yadda, yadda !

Developers' pockets may be exploding
with added wealth, but this is a ticking bomb
just waiting to take its toll.

Anonymous said...

These damned things are sprouting up everywhere
in Corona. You can get an overview from the #7 train !

Where's Monserrate.....taking money from developers ?

Anonymous said...

the smart people got out of queens in the late '70s to mid '90s. we saw the handwriting on the wall when flushing was lost. now it has spread to many many other neighborhoods around queens. what was once sacred untouched hoods are now fodder for change for the worse.

Anonymous said...

Remember, Mickeljohn and Hunter did a study in Corona. See what her study did to Dutch Kills? The politicians want to do that to Sunnyside, too.

Reminds me of what Goodwill had Pratt do by burying Old Astoria under 'Two Coves.'

What is it with these think tanks? Queens is their proving grounds for all kinds of off the wall ideas?

Anonymous said...

Like many piles of crap that have been going up this building doesn't have a single window on it's side wall. Is there some sort of zoning law restriction that prohibits side windows on tall buildings located in residential areas?

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are not allowed to have windows on the lot line. It makes it easier to build more crap next door.

Anonymous said...

that makes sense, sad to say.

Anonymous said...

That is one fucking ugly shit box.