Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Four steamed city councilman blasted a proposed 11.5% hike in water rates yesterday, calling it "outrageous" and "completely unnecessary."

Rate hike more than drop in bucket

It's all wet! Pols boiling mad over plan to boost water rates

H2O Tax May Drown Small Biz And Seniors

Councilmen say fee hike for water rates is all wet

2 Councilmen Oppose Rise in Water Rates

By eliminating the rental payment and doing a better job collecting money from water bill deadbeats, the city would need to raise water rates only 2%, said Gennaro, who was accompanied at a City Hall news conference by Councilmen Michael McMahon (D-S.I.), Vincent Ignizio (R-S.I.) and David Weprin (D-Queens). Since the city is banking on a $4.4 billion budget surplus, Ignizio added, "It's ridiculous that we are even having this conversation."

Photo from AM-NY

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Anonymous said...

I've already done plantings around my home that require less water in an attempt to make (at least) my world environmentally friendly and taken all possible measures to make my house energy efficient!

Between the increasing real estate taxes, higher heating oil bills, increasing utility rates.....and now an obscene 11.5% water rate hike!

What else does a senior citizen, on limited income, have to look ahead to..... drinking his own piss to wash down his cat food make ends meet!

Golden ass.

Let our heartless SOB Mayor and his rich developer friends pay the water rate hike!

I'm going to look into digging a well!