Wednesday, May 2, 2007

New Preservationists

They're young, motivated and talented.

'New Preservationists' Make Their Mark on the City

Unfortunately, none of them are from Queens...

Photo from NY Sun


Anonymous said...

Of course none of these new preservationists are from Queens that are making their mark on NYC!

I admit, at the onset, that (in some respects) I'm a self hating Queens-site......although I love our borough dearly as a whole!

I'm not part of the usual suburban"Crabgrass Frontier" type that spends his time nurturing his front lawn (often to my neighbors' dismay) but have been in the "historic preservation trenches" as (sometimes) a lone Guerilla.....fighting (it seems) a war of attrition!

Our borough is what it is today because of two main factors:

#1. Long time open hostility of our elected officials toward preserving our entrenched "buddy system" with the builders.

#2. A weak preservation community that was too often overly concerned with funding their own historical organizations with little stomach left for the well organized, determined and persistent hand to hand combat required for long term success.

I sincerely hope that Queens can recover the field and breed some of these same kind of young, motivated, talented and "intelligent fighters" that Manhattan etc. is producing.

I live in hope and am willing to continue to put my back to the wheel in aiding any of Queens' new emerging preservation fighters!

Please wake up....... all of you anemic "hysterical societies" and take a good dose of "Geritol" to redden your blood. It's time for those (and you know who you are) to stop sucking up (in fear) to politicians. Hold them accountable for the sad status quo and put their noses in it, if necessary.

And you lazy (perhaps crooked ) politicos out there.....your day is done! Get with the new program of neighborhood preservation or get voted out of office!

It's sharp actions not sharp words that are still sorely lacking in our borough!

The pen is not mightier than a well planned and well executed fight! Pretty words are reserved for poets not soldiers! Grow a spine!

Anonymous said...

"60-plus hour weeks and mid-five-figure salaries that infrequently exceed $50,000"

Ha ha ha ho ho ho

Dear boys and girls, try to work in an environment where your politicians and media are undermining everything you do, the public is purposely mislead, home grown leadership leaves a lot to be desired, with about 10% of your funding, and try to do it all on about 20-30 hours (the rest goes into a part time job) and zero$.

Now, THAT is a hero.

Anonymous said...

And why do you meet such resistance in Queens? Because we are the borough of working people rather than the playground of those rolling in dough who have enough money to hire someone like Andrew Berman.

Anonymous said...

Nice people, I'm sure, but dress as though they are heading for a funeral. Perhaps they are, for Queens landmarks.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I don't think Queens realizes it power ... yet, but it soon will.

The institutionalized bias (de facto and de jure) against the boro at this point is all but well docuemented.

Unless things change radically, the boro is in a position to have a major, yes, major impact on the direction of preservation within NYC in the not to near future.

Just you wait and see ....

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling that as the development pressures start to really take hold, the preservation movement is as the cusp of something great.

I predict in a few short years, it will no longer be the plaything of the Manatthan elite but will capture the attention of the entire city cutting across the entire spectrum of communities and people.

Queens Crap, will be among the storm troops overturning the Ancient Regime, which, to more and more of us, has outlived its usefulness.

Wait and see!

faster340 said...

Wait and see? They are over developing Queens at a rate that is MUCH faster than "wait and see"... Wait and see is going to lose our precious history...

"See and Do" should be the attitude...

Anonymous said...

These same comments have been made for many, many years. We are not on the cusp of a revolution in Queens, none of the complaints are new.

Queens Crap has its place, but let's face it, it's only a small start. As much as some people love this little blog, there may be just as many who despise what they see as a place to complain, that's all.

Julie said...

I have to disagree. This generation of Queens activists is not of the old school and they are more vocal and more active than any who came before them. The people who thought that everyone has the right to do with their homes whatever they pleased no matter what it did to the neighborhood, shrugged their shoulders when an historic building was demolished and then retired to Florida when things got too ugly are thankfully going the way of the dinosaur.

Peter said...

The one in the middle sitting down is Elaine Benis.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Julie on this one. There is a sea change of attitude that really hasn't gotten started.

Remember, a few short years ago Queens resembled an oily sea under crushing air pressure with just a hint of movement on its surface.

Even the tiny ripples of Crappie would have been unheard of then.

Anonymous said...

Julie....I've been a board member of the some of these "olde tyme" preservation groups and tried (along with others) to energize them . I wished they would have awakened 15 years ago.

Now we've got a hell of a job of catching up to do in order to reach full momentum!

Preservation doesn't suck said...

Those chicks are hot, right Butthead?

Shut up Beavis you dumb ass, they're talking about saving some old buildings and stuff. We're not even supposed to like be here.

Still those chicks rock Butthead. What's with that guy with the black suit and sunglasses? Is he from like Men in Black? he-he-he

That movie sucked.

Shut up Beavis and let me see that photo again.

Anonymous said...

These yuppies sporting full faced shit-eating grins have a lot to smile about.......they don't live in Queens....the borough of those who get screwed!

verdi said...

Do you think that if a hang a Manhattan or Brooklyn style row house bracketed cornice on my circa 1924 stucco Queens home (and pretend it's a Brownstone) I can get it landmarked?