Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Someone send flowers

The friendship between Quinn and Gioia has died:

The Break-Up: A Council Alliance Dissolves


Anonymous said...

"I’ve been given an incredible opportunity to shape the neighborhood I grew up in, to use it as a little laboratory to find good ideas"

Good ideas for whom? Outside developers? Its like the Appalachians: thow the locals a few pennies, keep them in the dark, and turn over their homes to outside interests to level mountains.

Anonymous said...

Whow! Look at the misses. Raising money for Bloomberg! for Weiner!


Hey, anyone from 'da neigbhorhood' ever see her?

How about helping out the locals, lady, or are you too good for us?

Anonymous said... more political "kiss-face". Breaking up is hard to do.
Quinn must be returning to her original preferences!

Did Eric just lose his "beard"?