Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Helen snipes back!

For five very uncomfortable minutes, Queens Borough President Helen Marshall stood next to Mayor Bloomberg yesterday as he let loose with a fierce tongue-lashing of elected officials who oppose congestion pricing. One of those officials happens to be Marshall, who joined Bloomberg at the Queens Museum of Art for an announcement about the long-awaited development of Willets Point.

Marshall listened to the mayor's tough talk without changing expression. Afterwards, she said her position hasn't changed and suggested Bloomberg was playing to the media.



rob said...

Whatta wimp!!

She waits until afterwards to make those comments? What a spineless excuse for a borough president we have in Queens.

Come to think of it, if she pisses off the mayor, what does she have then? She hasn't done a damn thing for Queens since she got on board. When is her term up?

Anonymous said...

Anyone who's ever sat in a room with Ms. Marshall knows that she can't keep her mouth shut. Which is fine; thanks for sticking up for us! But the woman can talk the paint off a house!!

Anonymous said...

So Helen, it is not about time the clubhouse grows up and comes clean with the people of Queens?

You can't have it both ways.

Funding (read taxes)for all those wonderful programs for the 'tweeded' vs letting the working class keep their money for their families?

Mindless mad development (BTW that is targeted not for the voters and taxpayers that are here) with no hint at any infrastructure to support it vs paying something of the price for it?

How much longer can those guys continue to BS the people of Queens?

Anonymous said...

As far as the loquacious Beep Marshal is is cheap but brains are expensive!

That's why she's got more of one and little of the other (at least that's what some of her staff has been thinking lately)!

verdi said...

She's a woman of a few words when it comes to approving developers' plans.......YES!

Forest Parker said...

Hey Helen, Go get that billionaire bozo. Keep fighting for our borough! Bloomie hates Queens, that's why you never see him here anymore, he doesn't need our votes. Keep battling, we are with you!

Anonymous said...

Go give each other a royal kick in the behind. You can't stoop any lower in my book, or can you?

Anonymous said...

Marshal joins the Shulman dullard club!

Too little and too late. Everybody know that Helen is pro over-development!

Who is she kidding with her wide eyed blank smile!