Thursday, May 3, 2007

Sitting ducks in a row

A row of charming townhouses is fenced off, approaching its day with the demolition team. In the background are the beautiful Walden Terrace apartments. They don't build them like this anymore.
This tow-away zone does not have the name or phone number of the towing company. Where do illegally parked cars go? Your guess is as good as mine! - mazeartist


Anonymous said...

Grrrr, those dreadful fences went up, only to destroy another bit of charm in the neighborhood. Thanks so much MELINDA KATZ! Another reason to hate the canoodler.

One of the addresses on that block is 63-42 99th St. Notice how the sleazy Moshe Yan & Ramy Isaac took advantage of a DOB loophole. They were granted a demolition permit after they acquired the properties through pay-offs and bribes, & concocted some artificial evidence to deem all the rowhouses "unsafe buildings." Check out these links:

To add, they chopped down 65-70 year-old mature trees. Wish they brought back the days of the guillotine for our developer and corrupt politician pals.

mazeartist said...

This site is on 99th Street in Rego Park, which is in Katz's district.

Anonymous said...

Hey....wake up and smell the coffee folks!

Look at what's looming behind these small survivors.....HIGH RISE BUILDINGS......the general character of the area !

This , alas and unfortunately, is destined to become the fate of most of Forest Hills....unless, of course, somebody takes some REAL action!

But let me not discourage anyone from gathering those useless petition signatures and writing those weak high-brow letters of protest to the editors of the various newspapers.....they'll really do a "lot" to stop this trend in the long run!