Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Overloading the system

Projected New York City energy increases:

Summer peak demand (in megawatts)
2005: 11,400
2030: 14,700

Electricity consumption (megawatt hours per year)
2005: 50 million
2030: 72 million

Heating fuel consumption (millions of BTUs per year)
2005: 422 million
2030: 480 million

Source: PlaNYC 2030

Better start building those power plants...
How about some in Riverdale, Douglaston and the West Village?

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Anonymous said...

In terms of both Ozone and airborn"particulate" pollution, Staten Island followed by Western Queens is the worst in the city!

The (Sivercup) Suna brothers, Rockrose Developers etc. should be forced to breathe the same air that we people in Long Island City and Astoria have to.

Welcome to Asthma Alley......a new luxury high rise community!

Anonymous said...

Con Ed rates to increase big time.
This is just the first step.

How about someone doing an honest reveiw of the power needs and who will be paying for them say over the next 10 years.

Gioia? Vallone? Gianeris? Wonderful things you bring up about Con Ed (or so the newspapers tell us its those issues you bring up are important)

How about something useful, for a change, from you self-styled Con Ed experts?

Like what will hit the pocketbooks of the taxpayers and voters that put you into office?