Thursday, May 17, 2007

Standing tall on Broadway

"Hi there – I live a few blocks from this gem:


The units in this crappy, Communist inspired building are finally going for sale. It’s been sitting around idle for quite a few months. It’s had visible rust on the railings for a long time, and at least four DOB violations on file.

Worse, it’s directly across the street from LIC High School, so you’ll have giant swarms of surly students congregating and smoking outside all day long.

My favorite part is that it’s located next to a glass company that keeps two guard dogs permanently outside in their junkyard, running around barking at students, walking on broken glass and in their own waste. Very charming!" - J.V.

The address is 14-25 Broadway. Looks like 11 units comprise this too-tall pile of Queens Crap.


Anonymous said...

Invite everyone from western Queens who is reading this to send in their own suggestions for Queens Crap.

Community Board 1 (Astoria, Dutch Kills, Ravenswood, Steinway: now is your chance to shine!)

Anonymous said...

I've seen worse, no giant fedders or cheap brick work....what was on the site previously?

Anonymous said...

What will be on the site is more important.

You are in the middle of nowhere, a 20 minute walk from the train, no stores or banks, in a powergrid that is uncertain and living across the street from a school.

Only the desperate would move there.

Anonymous said...

Hey....the area obviously needs more bordellos because the local politicos (and their developer friends) can't seem to get enough just "doing" their constituents !

That's funny.....imagine a bunch of whores patronizing a whore house!

Anonymous said...

Where is the parking? I don't want to leave a car in the street in that neighborhood.