Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Cobble Hill firehouse spared from development

The firehouse at the center of a controversy in Brooklyn's Cobble Hill neighborhood will not be developed:

Brooklyn: Cobble Hill Firehouse Will Not Be Sold

Civic Groups To Get Control Of Contested Firehouses

On the other hand, it won't be reopened as a firehouse, either, which is what the community really needs:


Since 1956, firefighter emergency responses soared 700 percent - from 20,466 to 138,683 - with nine fewer firehouses in Brooklyn, the firefighters union reports. By City Hall's own projection, the Brooklyn population is booming, with 60,000 new housing units planned for the Brooklyn waterfront.

Photo from Brownstoner


Anonymous said...

Certainly a headscratcher on this one.

The politicians will certainly get away with anything they can because they count that 80% of people don't care, and 80% of those that do will not remember this problem by next Thursday.

Anonymous said...

Again, the city shows a gross lack of judement and good planning.

More people + less firehouses = no sense.

Did you get that Mike, or are you too busy focusing on your Presidential campaign to care about this city?

Anonymous said...

Well at least they did not close a firehouse and massively upzone like they did in Dutch Kills.

I remember every politician in western Queens standing on the podium with big smiles on their faces when that went through.

It really tells you where their priorities lie.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but that was CB1 in Queens, and everyone knows about that group.

verdi said...

To hell with essential services like fire protection. Just install a high pressure water line in each new massive apartment structure (on every floor).....and it's every tenant for himself to put out a fire!

Thus we may return to the "more efficient" volunteer fireman systems that we used to have a hundred years back!