Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Building inspector took bribes

Dean Massari is accused of taking the kickbacks in $500 installments from the supervisor of a plumbing contractor over a three-year period, according to the affidavit for his arrest.


In exchange for the cash, Massari approved work without inspecting it, ignored violations, and expedited the approval and inspection process, court papers state.

Don't know about you, but the Crapper does not find this a bit shocking. In fact, it's probably business as usual.


carmine said...

so what else is new. the feds should also be looking at politicians.

Taxpayer said...

NO! No! NO!!! No way!

An inspector from DOB taking bribes to overlook violations?

Unbelievable. The lies from the media! The reporter is a liar. So is the US Attorney!

An agency such as DOB is the very model of honesty and scrupulousness. Bloomberg would never permit the slightest deviation from his proven highest ethical standards.

Anyway, why would any serious builder of any integrity want any imperfections, no matter how slight, to pass unnoticed and uncorrected.

Any builder would always place the safety and comfort of the future occupants far above his own financial gain.

So, please, put a lid on your snarky comments until after this inspector has been exonerated.

And, above all, don't call Bloomberg an indifferent, negligent manager. Just because he fails in every agency doesn't mean he couldn't care less!

verdi said...

As Claude Rains said to Humphrey Bogart in the film "Casablanca"....."Rick.....I'm shocked to find gambling (or in this case bribery) going on......"!

No....I'm certainly not surprised!

Anonymous said...

It was suggested to Robert Hudak of DOB at a civic meeting some months back that DOB inspectors should be given lie detector tests on a periodic basis, as are people in the security business.

Building inspectors are the weakest link in the chain of corruption in the real estate/development industry!

What do you think?

Taxpayer said...

Anonymous said...
"Building inspectors are the weakest link in the chain of corruption in the real estate/development industry!

What do you think?"

Police are subjected to integrity tests frequently. Inspectors must be frequently tested - randomly and/or whenever there's a suspicion.

And their pension must be revoked, as it must be for ANY crooked politician or judge.

verdi said...

Bravo....."revoke their pensions"....hit 'em square in the balls!