Thursday, May 17, 2007

Developing the West Side Railyards

Developers say it will probably cost $1 billion to build platforms over the yards for skyscrapers as tall as 70 stories, and the work must be done while Long Island Rail Road trains are running. Some residents want assurances that the development will include permanent housing for poor and working-class families. And a sharp debate is emerging over whether to tear down the northern end of the High Line, an unused railroad structure that is being converted to an elevated park south of 30th Street.

Auction May Turn Manhattan Railyards Into 3rd High-Rise Business District

The plan, which is likely to take more than a decade to complete, calls for the construction of 12.4 million square feet of commercial, residential, recreational and cultural space over the railyards that span 11th Avenue between 30th and 33rd Streets.

Update, 5/18/07, Daily News:
Bidding for new Hudson 'nabe' on horizon

From the NY Sun, previously:

New Hudson Yards Plan Hits an ‘Affordable' Hurdle

Photo from the NY Times


Anonymous said...

Sure building platforms over an active railyard and stick lots and lots of people above it .... just after an official from Homeland Security openly and publically speculated that it is only a matter of time before terrorists hit the railroad.

The mania for building by certain sectors in this city is bordering on criminal, especially when you know they hear stuff like the rest of us, but they just go ahead and put thousands of innocent people in harms way.

Anonymous said...

Two words I would ban:

'affordable' and 'diversity'