Thursday, May 17, 2007

Pig sty properties

Side by side by side sit three homes that have been abandoned. Windows are broken, several doors are missing, ceilings are caving in, walls are peeling, and graffiti, the smell of human excrement, and discarded belongings reveal that rats aren't the only visitors. And the trash.

When Property Owners Don't Care, the City Steps In

...a quick check with the Department of Buildings (DOB) website reveals that while Tupma may be neglectful, he hasn't forgotten about the properties. On April 17, he filed plans with DOB to merge the three tax lots into one, and then subdivide that one into five.

More from the Times Ledger:

City removes trash from Corona homes

The Daily News recently called attention to the sanitation department's survey of the city's cleanest and dirtiest streets:

Dirt on our nabes

Street inspectors with a nose for garbage

Photo from Queens Ledger

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Anonymous said...

What they should do is take the property of these people. There is no excuse for allowing your house or yard to be strewn with refuse, bringing down the quality of life and the property values of your neighbors.