Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Spiderman debuts in Astoria

The glitzy premiere of Spiderman 3 was held last night at the Astoria-Kaufman Theater:


Get ready for Spidey-mania

Thomas Haden Church, who plays the Sandman/Flint Marko characters, was asked what he thought about being in Queens for the event. "We're right next door to an appliance store," he said. "You gotta go with that."

Photo from Newsday


Anonymous said...

Well, again, lets face it.

Because of our bumbling leadership, Queens had not only done nothing to negate its sorry-assed image, but actually added to it.

I mean come on, folks. If you are living in Mahattan, are you actually going to spend your time going to Flushing Meadows to spend an afternoon for Colombian Independence Day or to Flushing Sheraton for an evening of traditional Chinese singing when you can go over to Lincoln Center for the Bolshoi or the Peking Opera company?

The charms of a Mexican grocery or a Bengli deli do not somehow rise to the level of Zabars or Eli's Kitchen.

Anonymous said...

Who are those losers fawning all over that Spiderman actor? They're the Queens equivalent of the midwest weirdos who show up outside the national morning news shows holding up signs that say hello to their families in Idaho.

rob said...

"Losers"? Are they losers simply because you don't enjoy the Spiderman movies? They're called "fans."

This one movie brought in plenty of money to a lot of small businesses in those areas. Yes, Queens areas.

Anonymous said...

Good point. Get a life folks. No matter what you can say about Queens residents, we are too busy and level headed to spend time on ditzy stuff like that (do you hear us Manhattan)?

Anonymous said...

Spiderman is from Forest Hills, not Astoria.

georgetheatheist said...

Those "fans" look like the movie cast from The Night of the Living Dead.

Anonymous said...

The charms of a Mexican grocery or a Bengli deli do not somehow rise to the level of Zabars or Eli's Kitchen.

I guess you don't read Time Out New York!

verdi said...

May I introduce a new anti-hero "Locust Man"!

Posing a a "respected" developer.....he descends upon Queens like a plague.....eating up low density neighborhoods with a voracious appetite!

Really folks.....time to get a life when "Spidey" becomes more newsworthy than our crooked lazy DOB, connected politicos, an SOB Mayor whose attitude is, "Let them eat cake"!

No wonder these bastards are able to cut through Queens like a hot knife through butter!

Anonymous said...

Who said I didn't enjoy the Spiderman movies? Did I say that?

rob said...

Nobody said that. It was a question.