Tuesday, May 1, 2007

On building 2 new stadiums

The NY Times reports on the battle of the boroughs between the Yankees and the Mets with regards to buildings their stadiums:

Latest Developments in a Crosstown Rivalry

Photo from NY Times


georgetheatheist said...

Attention Sports Fans.

Are your lives so bereft of any metaphysical meaning that you live your lives vicariously in sports arenas? The sands in your hourglass are slipping away and you engage in sitting on hard seats in open-often inclement weather, paying outrageous admission and concession prices, to watch grown men try to hit a ball with a stick? Do you think the owners and players give a damn about you?

Jim said...

Probably not, but it beats spending Sunday afternoon with my wife, who I definitely know doesn't give a damn about me.

verdi said...

Bread and circuses!
It worked for the Romans.....why not New Yorkers!