Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Unlicensed contractors nabbed in sting

Police detectives posing as the owners of a rundown house invited bids for repair work from unlicensed contractors, then arrested 16 of them when they showed up, officials said Monday.

Construction Sting Nabs 16 Contractors

"Hiring an unlicensed contractor is like playing Russian roulette," said Brown. "You could be hiring someone who has a criminal record, a trail of unpaid judgments, no insurance and dissatisfied customers."

This happened in Westchester, but the abuse is sure to be more rampant here.

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Anonymous said...

How many, as yet not caught, are lurking right here in Queens?

They're pulling (and exploiting) undocumented Mexican aliens off the streets (i.e. between 158th & 162nd and Northern Blvd.) to do their dirty work!

40 or so (at my last count) scramble up each morning to the "contractors" vans in a rush to get day jobs!

Another day....another dollar and everybody gets screwed in the process!