Friday, May 18, 2007

Rezoning across Queens

Forest Hills:

Forest Hills rezone set for June

Fresh Meadows:

Rezone 185th St. for smaller houses: Neighbors

Jackson Heights:

Jackson Heights Group Looks Askance At Zoning


Anonymous said...

Downzone the whole damn borough already.

georgetheatheist said...

I agree...where is it written that by 2030 there HAS TO BE 1 million more people in this burg?...enforce the G-D immigration laws already!!!

Hey Gioia, Woodside Wunderkind and wannabe Messiah:
How about a publicity stunt this time in front of Tsigonias Paint Store (41-17 Broadway) OR Gleason's Paints (65-0l Roosevelt Ave.) and round up all the illegals that hang-out all day on the sidewalk waiting for UNDOCUMENTED work from the vermin contractors. Eric, m'boy, aren't there ANTI-LOITERING laws that need to be enforced?

Anonymous said...

Hey George -

Are you aware that this country was founded by immigrants and that the city is the amazing place it is today because of immigrants? If you want to live in a lily white neighborhood you should consider some place in Connecticut where you'll find many other bigots to be friends with.

Julie said...

When did George say he hates immigrants? He made a comment about illegal immigrants and simply asked that the laws of this country be enforced.

Anonymous said...


The anti-immigrant sentiment of many who comment here is obvious and I'm trying to show that there are more tolerant people in Queens. I doubt that all George and the others here want is for the immigration laws to be enforced. They want no immigration, legal or illegal.

Also, certain groups in this country benefit immensely from illegal immigration and that is why the laws are not enforced. Instead of complaining about a local Councilman, you should be blaming all of the big corporations who exploit illegal immigrants by treating them like slave labor in order to increase their profits. These corporations don't want the immigration laws enforced and that is why our president will never enforce them.

Queens Crapper said...

Dear anonymous,

How dare you presume to know what George or anyone else on this blog wants or doesn't want? And as for certain groups exploiting illegals and benefitting from not enforcing the immigration laws - no one group benefits more from this than DEVELOPERS who line the pockets of our local councilmen and women. NYC being a sanctuary city is the direct result of local politics - Bloomberg, the city council, etc.

georgetheatheist said...

I drive a minivan. When I pass these 2 paint stores the LOITERERS approach the vehicle thinking I've got work for them...This has been going on for years...If you can't see this, YOU ARE BLIND...These characters hang out on the street from morning to afternoon...IS THERE AN ANTI-LOITERING LAW OR NOT? [Any lawyers out there?]

Gioia, Vallone, Sears - what the hell is going on?

[Answer: The Developers tell their money-grubbing whore pols to "lay-off" the contractors. The pols then shovel the dough to the community rag papers who publish their shit-eating grins on Memorial Day, the 4th, and Thanksgiving. Face it folks, IT'S A MUTUAL JERK-OFF SOCIETY. - and you, dear Qveensite, are the one being schpritzed on.]

Anonymous said...

George & Crapper

My main point is that you are blaming the victims--the people lining up trying to get work for the day. As I said before, it is the president that is not enforcing the immigration laws because his administration's only interest is in increasing the profits of big corporations and oil companies. The immigration laws are federal laws, not local laws. It is the federal government that enforces them (or doesn't).

If it wasn't so easy for illegal immigrants to get a job with these corporations, you wouldn't have nearly as many of them coming to the U.S. Instead of blaming the people lining up on the street, you should be boycotting all the corporations that benefit from exploiting these people and treating them like slave labor.

Queens Crapper said...

There is more than enough blame to go around.

Anonymous said...

Where is Helen Sears on this? Why isn't she doing something about the problems in Jackson Heights? Melinda Katz is working with civic groups in Forest Hills to re-zone and Tony Avella is worked with local groups in Bayside to re-zone. Helen is nowhere to be found. Is she in the pocket of developers or is she just lazy?

Anonymous said...

Helen Sears is just lazy...and stupid

georgetheatheist said...

Anonymous:...This unenforcement of the Immigration laws has been going on throughout the 8 years of Clinton as well. I buy my paint at Gleason's for almost 30 years. This LOITERING has been going on since the Democrats were in the Oval Office in the early '90's.

PS How is a publicity-seeking "local" Councilman going to get an increase of "federal" food stamps?

mazeartist said...

If Gioia and his fellow politicians won't protest agiansti llegal laborers, we should. It may not be politically correct, but it's the right thing to do.

Anonymous said...

My immigrant ancestors took the time and trouble to became LEGAL AMERICAN citizens....worked just as hard.....and were exploited just as badly or worse than is seen nowadays!

They felt that this was a primary requirement for investing in their new country! They didn't come for an off the books hit and run job! They may have groaned a little but payed their taxes!

Both sets of my grandparents lived in ghettos where fires, diseases, stabbings, prostitution, drinking, gambling and occasional drive by shootings were a little too common place to raise a family (and that was way back in the the 1920s)!

Thank G-D they got out!

There was also human trafficking (in "illegals") then and my grandfather shamefully admitted that it was this particular group of his illegal countrymen that caused the most trouble!

P.S......he never believed in those bleeding heart excuses for making a public nuisance of yourself and never referred to himself as a hyphenated-American!

"I'm an AMERICAN", he'd proudly say....."period....and we never broke the law to get to a better life"!

georgetheatheist said...

PS I don't care if you are an illegal immigrant, a legal one, or a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, enforce the LOITERING laws already.