Friday, May 18, 2007

Times Ledger vs. Avella

Steve Chon, owner and developer of the 3 1/2-story building, said patrons won’t be entering from 131st Street, but at a side entrance from a short dead end street that leads to spa property. However, that was not the case on Thursday.

Councilman Tony Avella (D-Bayside), a longtime critic of the project, believes the spa is in violation because it is allowing patrons to be dropped off in front of the building, backing up traffic on 131st Street. He will ask the appeals board to reopen the spa’s application to investigate.

Contested Spa Opens; Neighbors Still Say No

From the Times Ledger:

Malba spa opens with party and protest

Avella sued the city's Board of Standards and Appeals for allowing the spa to be built in a manufacturing zone - directly across the street from a gated Malba community. The suit was dismissed in April on the grounds that Avella had no standing to sue on behalf of residents, but the councilman vowed to appeal.

The Times Ledger's editorial:

Avella should not be pandering to fear

As a longtime community activist, we would have hoped that Mr. Avella would have tried to create better communications and understanding between the owners of the spa and their neighbors. Clearly, that's what the owners of the spa want. But that is not the path that the councilman has taken.

Hmmm...Let's go back to the Chronicle for a minute:

Although Chon said he has hired people from the neighborhood to work at the spa, and his lawyer, Eric Palatnik, said the spa was reaching out for business “not just to Koreans,” the opening day program was written entirely in Korean.

Question for the Ledger: If the owners are being exclusionary, then why is the community expected to welcome them with open arms?

Photo from Times Ledger


Anonymous said...

Seems like Steve Blank, the publisher of the Times Ledger, has a special interest in this spa.

Anonymous said...

Steve Chon is, apparently the new "shoe in" wonder boy architect for the Korean "community"!

His projects dominate Northern Bl'vd. from Bayside to East Flushing!

Maybe his name will become as "famous" as Tommy Huang's!

Blank Steve said...

"Seems like Steve Blank, the publisher of the Times Ledger, has a special interest in this spa"

Maybe he's also pissed that Avella doesn't kiss his ass enough or take out enough ads in his rag.

Blank is the word....

georgetheatheist said...

WHERE does Steve "the Shkeeve" live?

Anonymous said...

In my book, the word "famous" does not apply to Mr. Huang. Because that would mean he was eminent; renowned, celebrated and illustrious. When describing him, I would prefer to use the word "infamous" which means villainous; notorious; disreputable and tarnished.

Anonymous said...

Before anyone says one more negative comment, go inside the place. I guarantee you will agree it is the most magnificent private development you have ever seen in recent times in NYC. Then tell me how horrific it is for this heavily industrialized, manufacturing zoning district. Full o'crap is what this blog should be called

Queens Crapper said...

Great idea! Will one of our readers please write to so we can set this up? You must be able to read Korean.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please explain to me where all the industry in this city is supposed to go? New Jersey?

Anonymous said...

Yes let's rezone and give variances to push out all the manufacturing. Let's force out the people who work in those industries. We want Queens to be nothing but squeaky clean highrises and commercial establishments. Yuppies like it that way.

Taxpayer said...

Is the advertising department now writing the editorials for the Times Ledger?

Blank, you're so transparent, you're blank. Did Chon supply you will free passes?

Anonymous said...

"Great idea! Will one of our readers please write to so we can set this up? You must be able to read Korean."


Queens Crapper said...

No, not racist, just factual. The article says, "the opening day program was written entirely in Korean." Funny how it's racist in some people's opinion to call attention to a group's exclusionary practice.

Anonymous said...

My use of "famous" when referring to the exploits of Tommy Huang was meant to be sarcastic.

And referring to Steve Chon as "infamous" (in the same breath) could be considered libelous since there's no proof of such.... as yet!

But all are free to draw their own conclusions as to Chon's fame or infamy!

Anonymous said...

The Koreans have a tendency to stick to their own and cater to their own. I don't see that this would change just because they hire a few locals.

And can you explain to me why they all drive BMWs and Mercedes and Lexus cars and carry LV/Gucci and Prada purses and stuff?