Friday, May 18, 2007

Spitzer wants Aqueduct closed

Gov. Spitzer is considering a plan to close the famed Aqueduct Racetrack and expand Belmont Park by adding a casino and more racing at the Long Island track, sources in the Capitol said yesterday.

Spitzer may say neigh to Aqueduct, but have big plans for Belmont

Insiders familiar with the plan said they expect opposition to come from Assemblywoman Audrey Pheffer (D-Queens), who represents the area where Aqueduct is located.

Update NY Times, 5/20/07:

Spitzer Is Said to Be Weighing a Track Overhaul That Would Close Aqueduct

The horse racing industry Web site reported last week that Governor Spitzer had proposed that Aqueduct be shut down and the 192-acre property be sold to developers.


Anonymous said...

A couple of hundred acres, a perfect spot for a well-planned community that could be a model for how not to build crap or crap on a neighborhood while you build. But, perish the thought, Spitzer and co probably have a secret plan for a major league dump of negative crap on Queens.

Anonymous said...

a casino? give me a freaking break. more money grubbing by politicians for additional tax dollars.

Anonymous said...

Let's build an arena where crooked politicians, DOB staff, etc. can fight like Gladiators..... or dogs over a bone!

Blood sport, worthy of an emperor (or an imperial mayor) can debut in Queens!

Hey....that dim witted Helen Marshal has been crapping for a tourist attraction....and here it is!

Anonymous said...

Who's gonna build this new Roman arena....Pistilli or Ciampa?

Anonymous said...

we need the casino at aqueduct i just wish thay would stop draging there feet on this one and install the damn things already come on spitzer just do it PLEASE