Monday, May 7, 2007

Rating the envirobuilders

Notice how the latest trend in building is to do it the eco-friendly way.

How Green Is Your Tally?

Notice how none of these green buildings are in Queens, where less green means more space for the SUV.

Photo from NY Magazine


Anonymous said...

Should be interesting to contast the green space in Queens today, and 50 years ago, and speculate what impact this has on the public's health.

Now have some fun. Project out 20 years.

Hey Gioia, can you take $500k from your $6 million greenway and do something for the public and fund this?

No? Maybe wifey can do a fund raiser for this study.

Anonymous said...

the plans for silvercup west call for it to be pretty enviro-friendly

mazeartist said...

The Queens Botanical Garden is constructing a sustainable building.

Anonymous said...

Word has it that the cost of running this complicatedly engineered system will put QBG financially in the "red" in future days.

Will that eventually prompt a city take over of this private not-for-profit garden on city owned parkland?

Ask whoever is biting their nails !

Anonymous said...

The best way for Queens to think of enviro-friendliness is to leave our trees alone!

We've already got about 20% of NYC's trees.

Limit over-development and tear downs that remove green space. Front yard parking for gas guzzling SUVs are no substitute for lush lawns and trees that cleanse the air we breathe!

Manhattan has already learned (in this one respect of wanting more green).They've already defoliated their landscape and would have already built over Central Park were they able to get away with it!

Now green rooftops are being suggested.... a la mode.... to reduce the ratio of overwhelming concrete per tree!

Too late! But not for Queens!

georgetheatheist said...

Why do all the sidewalks have to be colored concrete grey? Why not tint the concrete green? It would be more soothing to the eyes and temperament.

verdi said...

"George"....there was a house in my "hood" that had green tinted sidewalks. It was built for singer Connie Francis by then boyfriend Cappanegro. They never married so his mother lived there.

The green faded and every time a crack had to be repaired....they never got the color right.

No matter....that 80' x 100' property got sub-divided...the house torn down....replaced with 2 brick butt-ugly boxes and no green sidewalks.

I do miss the varied patched up green sidewalk to this day. It reminded me of an organic Americana antique"Crazy-Quilt" design!