Monday, May 7, 2007

Parking permits part of plan?

Another possible part of the congestion pricing scheme:

Residential Parking Permits May Accompany Congestion Tax

Residential parking permits could be established in Brooklyn Heights, Upper Manhattan, Long Island City, and other neighborhoods surrounding Manhattan's central business district — a concession to those communities that would discourage drivers from approaching the edges of tolled Manhattan and clogging up their streets to avoid paying the $8 congestion fee.

The city in the past has opposed residential parking permits on the basis that visitors would be unable to find parking. Permit parking has been used for years in cities such as Boston and Washington. In those cities, cars without permits can park for two hours or less.

What happens if your employer is located in one of those areas and you need to drive to work?


Anonymous said...

Some cities also have a parking program for those who work in the area but aren't residents - they can park there during the day.

This whole plan can only be done in areas where there's ample garage space, though. Don't think Long Island City qualifies for that yet.

NY Zeitgeist said...

It's not just the western part of Queens that will be faced with this problem. ANY part of Queens that actually has access to public transportation already knows that commuter parkers already hog all the parking in their neighborhoods, as they commute TO the transportation so that they can actually access it.

What we need are better transportation alternatives along with park and ride facilities.


Anonymous said...

Megalopolis mania has seized all reason!

The outer boroughs are not to be thought of as an extension of Manhattan's parking or transportation problems. We like our quality of life....thank you....the way it is! Butt out!

Manhattan opted for its over-development from the 1920s onward. Tall towers have their price in congestion, confusion and poor air quality.

It's your problem.

Build some elevated super-highways amidst your skyscrapers to alleviate traffic congestion....and....oh yes...pass this additional expense, for such a capital project, onto Manhattan's rich residents only!!!!