Monday, May 7, 2007

Better pools and gardens

Two barges are making headlines, one for its ability to yield produce, and the other for its ability to keep people cool:
NY Sun Works

Brookyn barge pool set to open on July 4

I guess when you run out of land for these things, you have no choice but to turn to the water.

Photo from Curbed


Anonymous said...

How expensive is it to run something like this?

Every community should make an inventory of greenspaces for alternative uses besides development.

Is there any urban study institute that can pull yourself away from churning out prodevelopment studies to do something useful, look into ths, and to benefit the public for a change?

verdi said...

Clean up the East River and we can all swim (that is if we can gain admittance past the wall of luxury housing that block our access to the waterfront)!