Thursday, May 10, 2007

QBG & tree destruction

"The installation of the new $12 million dollar 'sustainable' administration building designed by the Green Design Award winning BKSK Architects for the Queens Botanic Garden is anything but "green." Building construction has occurred in blatant disregard of the QBG landscape resulting in numerous incidences of permanent construction damage to valuable large shade trees.
Root zones have been compacted by machinery and roots physically torn and removed by as much as 75%. Many trees are now a public liability that will require their removal. Yes, that's correct, the removal of trees because of neglect by NYC officials.
Where is the tree loving President of QBG Susan Lacert while all this damage to public trees is occurring?
On the Crapper of course.

As an important cultural institution in Queens, the destruction, not preservation, of large shade trees is the legacy of our publicly funded Botanical Garden. And that's a load of crap."


Anonymous said...

Ever noticed how almost nothing in NYC works the way it should?

Anonymous said...

Compared to NYBG , BBG or Wave Hill......QBG is a weed patch!

Where does all that money go?

Evan Stavisky's "Parkside" is their lobbyist.....maybe?????

Practically every other cultural institution uses (or is "forced"?????to use) them!

Anonymous said...

"Ever noticed how almost nothing in NYC works the way it should?"

My friend, haven't spent much time in Brooklyn or Manhattan lately?

As Queens sinks due to our clumsy club-house hacks, 'the city' looks nicer and nicer all the time.

We should insist the same.

Anonymous said...

I have an idea - nobody can use the Queens airports until the borough gets it's fair share!

Anonymous said...

What was Lacerte's background before her tenure as executive director at QBG?

Anonymous said...

Before the botanicals, Susie was on the payroll for the City Council central staff at 250 Broadway and in City Hall.

Anonymous said...

So her (short of a six figure?) income might be a patronage job award for past services rendered?

That poor "garden" has always been plagued with problems!

There is something essentially wrong with any form of tree destruction by any botanical garden!

Why didn't they put the new building closer to College Point Blv'd. where the impact on horticultural species would have been zero to minimal?