Thursday, May 10, 2007

Building alteration law passes unanimously

Metro Briefing | New York
Manhattan: Notification of Building Permits
Published: May 10, 2007

The City Council passed legislation yesterday requiring the Buildings Department to notify the Fire Department when alteration permits are issued for buildings. The bill was submitted after a 2006 Bronx fire in which two firefighters were killed when a floor collapsed in a building that had undergone renovations, though the cause of the collapse is still under investigation. The bill passed 51 to 0, and the mayor is expected to sign it.

More from Newsday: Law aims to prevent firefighter deaths


Anonymous said...

A drop in the bucket!

If anyone thinks that the passing of the new building alteration law will change the existing situation more than a're living in a altered state!

The developers will find a new "service road" onto the building expressway!

Anonymous said...

Enforcement! Enforcement! Enforcement!

How much legislation on illegal conversions are on the books that is simply ignored?