Thursday, May 10, 2007

Congestion pricing...again

Will the Critics Kill Congestion Pricing?

This guy says "No."

Photo from Streetsblog.


Anonymous said...

Just another article by a guy who wants it both ways. On one hand, he says the city will generate $31 billion dollars to fund yet another transportation authority (since the MTA is such an efficient organizationi). Yet, if enough people drive into the congestion zone to generate $31 billion, how does that reduce pollution?

I've said this since the beginning - Congestion Pricing is nothing more than Manhattanites wanting to feel superior to others. It's the entire reason they moved to Mahattan in the first place (pollution and all). If you read the venom spewed by Congestion Pricing advocates on other message boards, very little of it is transporation oriented. Did the thru-streets get this much attention? That was a transportation initiative wasn't it?

Bottom line, there is traffic EVERYWHERE in the five boroughs. All this policy will do is increase it outside of Mahattan, while Manhattan residents feel like members of a club. Just the tone of the debate shows that.

Anonymous said...

That's the point, my friend....back up the traffic into the outer boroughs and further destroy our quality of life.

A reminder......our founding documents state, "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness"!

Does not 'happiness" include quality of life. After all what is life and liberty worth without quality?

Anonymous said...

How much you want to bet that congestion monies will not be spent on infrastructure but on tweeding?