Friday, May 11, 2007

LeFraks $elling 'Kings & Queens' portfolio

A residential portfolio in Brooklyn and Queens owned by the LeFrak family is in contract to sell for $250 million, two sources said. The portfolio, dubbed the Kings and Queens portfolio, consists of about 2,000 apartments.

LeFraks Selling Brooklyn, Queens Portfolio for $250 M.

The LeFraks have been a city landlord since 1901, and have built more than 250,000 apartments, including LeFrak City, the Queens complex with more than 5,000 units.

What will they call it now?

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verdi said...

When the hell did Lefrak become Le Frak?

Are they ashamed of their ethnic roots in trying to French-ify their family name?

Oh excuse me.....Le Frak looks, preferablely, more "cultural" on Queens College's "Le Frak Center For The Performing Arts" .....I guess!

What a bunch!

Anonymous said...

LeFrak City is a mess. That is not really a lot of money for that much property.

After 40 years, I bet its all run down.

Just think how long the current Queens Crap, even more cheaply built, will last? 15-20 years?

georgetheatheist said...

"Lefrak", "Le Frak" - it doesn't matter, it's really "Le FREAK"

verdi said...

George....maybe it's really Le F- -k!