Friday, May 11, 2007

Exposed gas line a concern at railyard

What would happen if an exposed gas pipe that runs through a Queens railyard were to be sabotaged?

“It would cripple Queens,” said [a] worker at the site...speaking under the condition of anonymity. “You’re talking about wiping out [four highways] and all of the trains in Queens. At night you come in here and there’s a train on every track. There’s only so much service running. There’d be over 1,000 subway cars in here that [the MTA] would lose.”

A Ticking Pipe Bomb? Keyspan’s New Natural Gas Line Close To Third Rail, Open To Anyone

Photo from Queens Tribune


Anonymous said...

This existing condition was mentioned to an Amtrak employee..... pre 9/11 (in the Sunnyside Yards, I believe).

Anonymous said...

Hey....Homeland Security....if your scoping this site (and you should be in this particular case) tell those responsible for the breach to secure this potential disaster site!

Oops, my mistake....the Bush family is into oil......this is a gas line!

But G.W. produces an awful lot of "natural gas" doesn't he?