Friday, May 11, 2007

How ironic...

Real estate giant Tishman Speyer plans to turn a contaminated Long Island City site into a new high-rise residential development with ground-floor retail space. But first, the company must reckon with the site’s toxic legacy.

Located at 28-10 Jackson Ave. near Queens Plaza, the property was once part of a larger complex owned by the West Chemical Company. The site had been used to store chemicals needed to make products like floor waxes and industrial cleaners.

Queens Plaza Site To Be Developed After Cleanup

How do you clean up cleaning fluid?

Tishman Speyer’s plan calls for the removal of all accessible contaminated soils by excavating the entire half-acre site to a depth of 16 feet, deeper in areas where there is greater contamination.

Oh, ok, thanks. What park services this area? You know, within 10 minutes walking distance?

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verdi said...

Ah yes....I know it.....the West Disinfecting Company..... manufacturers of the "CN" germicide product that was once a household word!

Maybe Tishman Speyer and Melinda Katz should take a bath in it together!

Tishman has already showered her with political campaign contributions!

With her vast experience in "canoodling" (Hevesi et. al.) they' d make a great team.

Rub-a-dub-dub Katz and "Tish" in a tub!

Who's got the rubber Ducky?