Thursday, May 17, 2007

Dutch Kills debating future

"This is exciting news for the Dutch Kills community," said George Stamatiades, executive director of the Dutch Kills Civic Association.

Dutch Kills Reaching For The Sky

"This type of development is the best thing that could happen here. It will bring new life to the community and will help revitalize the 36th Avenue commercial strip to its former glory days," Stamatiades concluded.

Really, George? From the same issue of the same paper:

Hotel Construction Versus Housing In Dutch Kills Is Not Welcome

Illustration from Queens Gazette


Anonymous said...

Could the building depicted here be any more drab? I've seen Detention facilities in other cities are far more attractive.

Lisa said...

It's great when community boards - often fully stocked with politically motivated ass-suckers -think they know what's best for a nabe.

Anonymous said...

"Residents of Dutch Kills have been shouting from their rooftops for many years, that this community is the 'center of it all.' We have tolerated the indifference and obstacles forced on this community by businesses that didn't give a damn about our quality of life," he stated.

George, let me publicly challenge you to go to just about any civic association in NYC, and explain to those locals (that are trying to down zone and reign in development, that are trying to salvage something of their community's wonderful heritage, that are trying to find playgrounds for children, that are trying to improve the quality of life for the voters and taxpayers that are already living there) .... and tell them the unique take on community management that your community board has.

Tell them, how bulldozing a neighborhood improves its quality of life.

Tell them the same things your community board tells the people it is supposed to 'represent.'

Tell us how far you get.

And do tell us, please, that the people of Dutch Kills are not being taken advantage of, or even worse, encouraged to regard their community as a strip mine, you know, dig a hole, take out the gold, and run.

Anonymous said...

Community board 1? the home of Bricklayer Onorato (beloved of Sunnyside) and Mike (con ed-boy) G.

You got a real winning team in that community!

Anonymous said...

Dutch Kills is not debating the future. They hear and talk about one thing. Build! build! build!

You and I get the tax bill for the infra-structure costs as they are counting their sell-out dollars in Florida.

georgetheatheist said...

Stammy, you've been sniffing too much embalming fluid.

Anonymous said...

Go after Dutch Kills president Jerry Walsh and start to invite him to community forums.

Once the floor starts to hit him with questions it should be a real sport to see a deer in headlights.

verdi said...

What do you expect from a guy that runs a funeral parlor ?

He buries the dead!

So why not approve of killing off a neighborhood?

There's a lot of profit involved in both!

Anonymous said...

Like the idea about Jerry. All the newspapers around here, when they need a talking head to be prodevelopment always call him for a comment that is certain to bring groans from fellow community activists in western Queens.

He is an 'expert', eh? So let's give him plenty of opportunities to tell everyone what he is doing (or is told to do?) to his community.