Thursday, May 17, 2007

Breaking News: WTC building accident

NY1 reports:

Fire officials say a piece of a pipe came crashing down from the 40-story Deutsche Bank building currently being dismantled at the World Trade Center Site this morning, falling onto a firehouse below.

Two firemen suffered minor injuries.

The extent of the damage or the circumstances surrounding the accident are not yet known. It's currently being investigated by the organization overseeing the deconstruction and the contractor.

The building was badly damaged during the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and there were major concerns about tearing it down because of contamination.

The cleanup of the building began in 2005 and workers began dismantling the building late last year.

Original story here:

Steel Pipe Falls From Deutche Bank Building, Crashes Through Firehouse

Curbed also posted a link to

Deutsche Bank demolition work halted

The city Buildings Department issued John Galt Corp. a violation for failure to safeguard the public and property, spokeswoman Kate Lindquist said.

Update from the Daily News:

Debris from WTC skyscraper hits firehouse

Update from the NY Times:

22-Foot Pipe Falls 35 Floors Into Firehouse Near 9/11 Site

Update from NY Sun:

After Injuries, Deutsche Bank Demolition Is Delayed Again

Interesting collection of complaints at 130 Liberty Street. Apparently, even builders of high profile projects feel it's unnecessary to conform to approved plans or take safety precautions.

Photo from NY1


verdi said...

How about getting DOB involved?


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Who is John Galt?"