Thursday, May 17, 2007

Building big in LIC

Some Curbed readers think it's great:

Sweetness....keep on building. Can't wait til Silvercup West starts.

Some are not too thrilled:

I LOVE LIC and wanted to live there, but this has been piss poor planning. The architecture is BORING and the spaces uninteresting and uninspired. They had the chance to do something over there that would have been truly special and blew it. That is the best piece of real estate around, ruined.

And some are just insulting:

Looks like Jersey City, thats why I'm moving to Brooklyn.

LIC's Queens West North Gets Big

Photo from Curbed


Anonymous said...

I am in favor of the building that is going on, but I agree the architecture needs to be improved. Avalon Bay just builds the ugliest buildings, look at their work in the Bowery. Blech!

Silvercup West is designed by a world-renowned architect, so that will help, and hopefully the southern portion of Queens West will command interesting architecture, since it will be bid on by developers.

Architecturally we are falling behind places like Chicago and London...and it shouldn't be like that.

Anonymous said...

A glitzy pretentious wall of glass boxes should never be called architecture....even if a "world renown architect" claims authorship of one!

They're pure and simple Queens crap.... of the high rise variety!

And that's the bottom line!

Anonymous said...

Silvercup west? Oh you mean Suna Equities the 'job creation public access project' that will not create jobs for people in the area (well janitors and housekeepers, maybe), exclude the locals from housing ('affordable' types safely offsite) and with a 40 foot wide space between the building and water a fine excuse for the city to finance a public walk a the tune of millions of your and mine taxdollars.

Its bullshit. Pure and simple. This should be public parkland, not a private developer landgrab of our priceless waterfront heritage.

Anonymous said...

The people that live in Hunters Point are being displaced. The taxpayers and voters no longer control their community.

Like so much vermin, they are to be replaced.