Tuesday, May 15, 2007

City deluged by high water bill

The New York City Water Board voted unanimously yesterday to hike water rates by 11.5 percent - the highest increase in 15 years.

And worse yet, the forecast is that rates will go up again next year at the same steep 11.5 percent level.

The hike, which goes into effect July 1, will add $72 to the average bill for a single family home, bringing it to $699 a year.


City water to cost 11.5% more next year

Chart from NY Post


verdi said...

Did you know that even if you have a well dug (and the water tests clean) by law.....your not allowed to hook it up to your house?

I'm gonna consider watering my garden with Evian mineral water....it may be cheaper in the long run!

Hey bright boy Bloomberg.....how about imposing a higher water rate on new development.

Yeah...pardon me....I started drinking early today....Benedictine & Brandy for breakfast!

Anonymous said...

Water rates.....both drinking water and '"passing water" have gone up!

Let's not forget the "sewer rental" part of the bill we all get from DEP!

Next time I'm going to put my - - - - in Bloomberg's pocket when I find I've got the need to relieve myself!

Anonymous said...

Now the bill$ $tart to come in for development.

No problemo. The developer$ are making ton$ of big buck$. And the political climate of Queen$ encourage$ every landlord to do the $ame to their property.

Housing or community preservation? hahahahahah.

Not unless we demand it!