Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Hey Bloomie, clean your own house first!

Hey Bloomie, want to reduce traffic in midtown? How about starting with your own employees?

Parking placards draw ire

Twenty-seven percent of New Yorkers who work in the public sector drive into the city, totaling more than 47,000 cars, according to a recent study. By contrast, only 14% of private sector workers commute by car.

And many of those government workers have an extra incentive -- free parking thanks to placards they receive from the city, state and federal governments that allow them to park in designated areas.

Studies have shown that many placard holders abuse the privilege.

Yesterday, the mayor brought his plan to Albany:

Bloomberg Makes His State Pitch

Mayor Pitches PlaNYC Environmental Initiatives In Albany

Bloomberg Presses Albany for Greener New York City

Photo from Streetsblog


verdi said...

Yeah....you've been seen taking the subway.

How about an income penalty for the other city workers who insist on driving in?

Anonymous said...

Bring back the income tax for those who work in NYC but do not live here.
They should pay a little extra and no better way than through your NY Income Tax.
New York City Residents, especially those that live in the outer boroughs should not have to pay to drive into the city. This should be against the law!