Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sanford as in "Fred?"

159th Street, just north of Sanford...

While we complain a lot about what's going on in Queens, we have to consider:

People choose to live like this, with front yards used as driveways and garbage collection, and they buy homes that are built like this.

I make an analogy to the War on Drugs: drugs are more successful than ever. People like drugs, and they buy drugs: weed, coke, speed, tobacco, H, whatever. They like it.

People buy houses like this, and build houses like this. People like them. - K.W.


Anonymous said...

Most of these are built (as told to be by a real estate agent) for the Asian market!

I guess conditions are far worse in their countries of origin to feel blessed by living in one of these!

Open the window.....I'm gonna jump!

Anonymous said...

Exactly. The amount of space and the appointments for housing in third world countries do not measure up the standards of Ozzie and Harriet or Leave it to Beaver or even the Honeymooners.

What will those with pro-immigrants sentiments say when they realize that in both housing and jobs the market is moving to overseas 'standards?'

Anonymous said...

Well yes and no. I have plenty of immigrants tell me that the housing is perfectly fine for them as a starter location, then in the next breath tell me that they have a relative who does live like Ozzie and Harriet upstate/NJ/where ever and the first chance they get they will move out to that location.

Again, this is perfect for the tweeding politicians. You get people that can be exploited in living and jobs, who don't mind and consider it a step up, then at the first chance, move out.

The could have not writtent the script any better.

Lamont said...

My Pop never would have lived in a dump like this!!

Anonymous said...

Good analogy, KW. The war on overdevelopment needs its own catchy slogans:

"Just say no to Crap" (Nancy Regan)

"Get between you kids and crap ANY WAY YOU CAN" (Carroll O'Connor).

"This is your brain on Crap" (w/ nice photo of rusting balconies and exposed meters in Flushing)

Anonymous said...

Well after all.....Flushing has been called, among many things, "The Asian Miracle"!

Maybe they mean for crooked Asian developers, like Tommy Huang, who get rich bilking their own kind!

Anonymous said...

i am disgusted by these buildings but i live in brooklyn and with the current state of the real estate market, i can either buy a unit in one of those crapfests or wait until i'm 50 to scrape up enough to stop renting. people don't really "like" them (at least i don't think so). it's that they don't require renovation and are cheaper than purchasing a one family that requires heavy updating.