Wednesday, July 28, 2021

The Van Sicklen Horror


NY Post

A human skull was found outside a Queens home Monday morning, police said.

The remains were located in front of 108-16 Pine Grove St. in Jamaica around 9:30 a.m., police said.

The city’s medical examiner responded and determined that the remains were human and had no sign of trauma, police sources said.

There were no further details immediately available.

  Impunity City

 It’s not everyday the NYPD reports a skull lying on the sidewalk in a residential area. But in the obviously click bait generating article (which is not even truncated here and the Post used a google map crop for the lede photo), the home the NY Post is referring is an abandoned zombie house that was cited for a full vacate order by the D.O.B. following a fire and from the looks of it, it might have been abandoned even longer before that incident.

So might as well provide some further details the NYPD couldn’t provide (or wouldn’t).

Let’s enhance…



Perusing the D.O.B. files, not much is known about the prior or even current owner of this blighted property, but this home is steeped in Queens history. It was built and owned nearly a century ago by Abraham Van Sicklen, whose father was a New York supreme court justice who also owned a famous mansion in Jamaica and grandson of a renowned farmer in Brooklyn.


Anonymous said...

I wonder who gave police the heads-up on this one

Anonymous said...

Broken Window Theory in full bloom.

Anonymous said...

The NYC Community Board manager & the City Council Member reside in the area, perhaps they could have a clue as to the property responsibility.

Anonymous said...

Santeria worship likely.

You just wander around Queens on GoogleEarth and see the systematic destruction of the borough.

All need to do is to then go on Google Earth to the home places that the Democrat Politicians jump for joy when they move in, and you can understand why Queens is block by block becoming a blighted 3rd world cesspool. Along as they vote right nothing else is a real problem.

It's funny how the Democratic elite lives like 3rd world elites in gated guarded communities.

Anonymous said...

That's Voodoo or Sanitaria some sub 3rd world shit like that.
I think 4th world may be the correct description now.
When chickens wont do they steal skulls, eyes & hearts from graves.
--And the democrats say diverse multiculturalism is good ?

Adriatic hillbilly said...

I got some damn good "skull" back in the day in Jamaica... Right off Archer Ave near the LIRR. Place got busted back in '07 though

Anonymous said...

JQ - quick correction:

This house wasn't built nearly a century's at least 170 years old and possibly older.

I've already tracked it down on a map of Queens from 1852, so there's no question that this is a really special place that's survived - and fallen on hard times. While it looks like it's a mess, there have been other 18th and 19th century houses in NYC that have been saved and restored - but they gotta get protected first!

Paul Graziano

JQ LLC said...


I admire your intrepid work and research as well as your activism. I planned on updating the post too, so this is good to know.

Sadly, I think this house is way passed restoration and saving, pretty sure this was devised this way. Too bad Cleanup Jamaica Queens isn't available anymore, because that blog documented dozens of homes that are also over a century old that went bad like this. But this might be the worst, mainly because of how it was dismissed by the city. The cops even discarded the police tape they used on the stinking trash outside too.

JQ LLC said...

@Adriatic re: skull

Ever get skull at the Bristol Hotel?

Anonymous said...

Say more about the Skull

Anonymous said...

"Sadly, I think this house is way passed restoration and saving, pretty sure this was devised this way."

Thats is the problem with the 'civic culture' in Queens. We have met the enemy and he is us. The other boroughs have people with backbone - when you make waves in Queens, and the Man stomps on you, cuts your funding, and your 'allies' always say you had it coming 'because you are inpolite and step out of line since successful people are always civilized and polite.'

Yeah, sure ... and chances are this will not get posted.