Sunday, July 18, 2021

It's not far, not far for the D.O.B. and the D.O.H. to reach...


Well here we go again, the gentrification of Rockaway Beach continues with the resurgence of illegal hostels for fun and profit.

 For  $600 and $700 a night, you get to slumber in a cozy setup no different than how the homeless sleep in congregate shelters.



Complete with combination skate park and pool on the roof.



Here's another re-purposed house turned hostel's idea of a pool, but it really looks more like a sink.



For the thriftier hipsters out there (if there is such a thing) who don't have that much disposable income to splurge, they can spend a weekend in one of Rockaway Hideaway's "cozy" trailers. Complete with ample patio space and a combination dining room/stand up shower






 The hosts of these campers take in 4 guests, which must be a thrill for them to decide who gets to sleep on the mattress or the seats in the dining nook.




But at least this one has an open air shower and commode, with natural light and free soap!





Funny how they are able to get away with these set ups, not only for all the building and housing codes they are violating but also the health risks they are causing by clustering transients and tourists from other states or nations, since the pandemic isn't over as positive cases rise again from the spread of the vaccine resistant Delta Variant (ask the New York Yankees). But as of this writing, it looks like some concerned neighbors dropped a dime on them and all "hideaways" have cancelled future reservations.

 I wonder why...






Anonymous said...

I dont even like to go to that shithole anymore let alone would ever want to vacation there. Wonder how long it would take for one of these vacationers to get shot while just standing outside.

Anonymous said...

They (The D.O.B.) are truly pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Surfers dig this shit, they are also mostly vegans.
They will sleep on cardboard, in refrigerator boxes.
Most who go for this this shit aren't from New York, they are dirty, refuse to use soap & antibacterial products and stink of shit, sea lice & underarm.
--Worst thing in the Rockaways aside the potato slobs in Breezy point

Anonymous said...

I guess they never heard of the Corona Virus Pandemic.

And as usual, "the best politicians from South Queens" looks the other way on housing/building violations when it comes to bringing more tourism and more money to the neglected borough.

Anonymous said...

@Surfers dig this shit.

Well, at least those "potato slobs" aren't bunch of criminals like those "spaghetti slobs".

Gino said...

Quote: "spaghetti slobs"

Not slobs or criminals.
You would never find 300 pieces of daily hanging laundry & kids toys as front porch & lawn ornaments on spaghetti coast.
Italian and Sicilian homeowners have pride and would never crap on their own homes!

"Thou shalt not commit slobbery"

Anonymous said...

They want these hostels to be the "New Amsterdam" of Rockaway Beach.

All on the Taxpayers' dime.


Anonymous said...

These gentrifiers are what is throwing the city down the toilet.

Anonymous said...

Would love to know the addresses-