Friday, May 8, 2015

Astoria club is a pain in the ass

From the Queens Chronicle:

With summer right around the corner, some Astoria residents worry that one area night club, whose loud music has allegedly pestered those living in the surrounding neighborhood for months, will get louder as time goes on.

At this month’s 114th Precinct Community Council meeting, held last week in Astoria, a group of residents came forward with concerns over the disturbances from a sixth-floor rooftop lounge located at 32-72 Steinway St.

The establishment’s ownership changed eight weeks ago and the name went from Sunset Restaurant and Lounge to Escape Penthouse.

The residents asserted that the club was often so noisy it kept them up at night and that no amount of calls to 311 or 911 have had effect for more than a year.

Resident Chris Vega said the club’s glassed-in lounge seems to lack insulation.

“I can hear the whole song and I live a block away,” Vega said.

Capt. Dennis Mullaney, executive officer of the 114th Precinct, who led the meeting, said they are continuing to monitor the situation.


somethingstructural said...

if calls to the 114 pct don't get them out for a woman who was beat to death after she reported being in an abusive relationship they ain't coming out for a noise complaint. 114 has to be laziest in nypd.

Anonymous said...

Monitor my Ass.

Led by developer back blogs like "We Heart Astoria", the community has become one enormous frat party with out of control kids partying in bars with the walls down blasting music for blocks.

The new kids, instead of revitalizing the community look down on older residents as they text each other the latest cheese concoction or infused shit in their tea.

Totally clueless to the real world these coddled darlings are little more than floor plant backdrop to politicians who stage these dens as places to unveil stupid publicity stunts like 'Participatory Budgeting.'

Meanwhile young families, the backbone of a community's future get the drift pretty fast and leave the area as soon as they can.

The bar scene has a hard edged undertone that brings in thugs from outside the community that beaks out in gunfire or worse and is quietly hushed up by the local party rag.

Will not even get into the high class 'tony' Greek scene. (snicker)

The developers and their political stooges are well on their way to transforming a solid tight working-middle class community into Fraternity Row with ugly Gerry Caliendro no taste housing, grid locked streets and a collapsing infrastructure.

Anonymous said...

Go after your electeds.

The problem is the electeds in Astoria have that stupid format the Vollone's buddy Povorambo that runs UCCA stages for them.

They surround the politicians in carefully staged 'town hall' meetings

so that stooges waste people's time burning up the evening with questions like 'when are they going to serve hallal food in the schools'

to having several dozen reps from agencies on the stage that take any problem and bury it in the haze of some bureaucracy

and away from the politician who takes no responsibility but in effect, as every developer knows, the real 'go to' person in the neighborhood.

"Yes ma'am, we will take you address and have someone call you tomorrow. Come up to the stage after the meeting"

meanwhile your rep sneaks out the back door, aides in tow, tucking cards from real estate tours in their pockets.

Thank you Vallones said...

One man, who lives on 44th Street and asked not to be identified, said he often calls the precinct about the noise, but the issue has lasted for more than a year. “This is every weekend,” he said. “Nothing has been done.”

His wife, who also chose not to be named, said she recently heard music until 3:30 a.m. “You feel agitated, you feel like you’ve been beaten,” she said. “A lot of neighbors have been complaining, but they’re too afraid, that’s what they say to us.”

Ryan Adams, another resident who lives near the establishment, also said Monday that the previous Thursday was the first that he could recall hearing music emanate from the club. “I was watching a sci-fi movie. It was louder than the explosions on the TV,” he said.

311 records reveal that there were 15 complaints of loud music to the NYPD between Thursday, April 30 and Sunday, May 3. Although, most cases are marked as closed within a couple of hours of the complaint.

“It’s a conundrum. You need businesses to come in,” Adams said. “These clubs are bringing in some money for some people ... But if there’s no control, if the neighborhood doesn’t keep control of the rules, of the laws, then you end up in a slum in the long run.”



Anonymous said...

I heard they want to replace the Steinway Mansion with a belly dance hookah lounge.

Anonymous said...

if calls to the 114 pct don't get them out for a woman who was beat to death after she reported being in an abusive relationship they ain't coming out for a noise complaint. 114 has to be laziest in nypd.
Perhaps they are instructed by Gianaris and Vallone and Crowley not to interfere with the cash flow.

Roger said...

The noise has been going on for more than a year. The volume varies, but recently there was a particularly bad night. When I first moved to Queens, I was surprised that no one could stop things like this, but not now. I don't even bother calling anymore, because I've found it's a waste of my time. This blog is the only thing I've seen cause any change.

Anonymous said...

We Heart Astoria is the worst. aka "Modern Gentrifier"

Roger said...

There is a one-star Yelp review of the club by "Anthony" that talks about their disrespect for their neighbors. Maybe if enough Yelp users mark it "useful" it will be one of the first reviews people read:

Anonymous said...

Years ago we had a bar/club/lounge in my area and they flaunted and broke every law imaginable. A bunch of us got together and went there on a Friday night took seats at the bar and ordered a soda. We sipped the soda for five hours to the consternation of the bartenders and management. At two in the morning we all got up to leave and let no tip.
On the way out we told the manager what a great time we had and will return next week unless the music and annoyances stopped.
After two weeks we got our way.
By the way, the club was busted for being a drug den several months later.

Anonymous said...

Hey, they're just livin' la vida loca.

Anonymous said...

I emailed 311 to complain about a loud BBQ party in the back of someone's house. Emailed them 2 times. To my surprise the 105 precinct said and I quote "the music is not loud". I bet they did not even come and check. They are full of crap. Music was loud enough you could hear it 2 blocks away.

Anonymous said...

'Da Roof is on Fire!!!!!!!!"

JQ said...

This the real NYPD slowdown. If anyone complains or interferes with the hedonistic leisure and spending habits of generation gentrification might as well pack up or die, because they are just buzzkills whose contributions to the city, like buying groceries and clothes, paying bills and taxes don't match up with those illusory posers willing to piss hundreds of dollars in 30 minutes on a roof.

This place is just a carbon copy of what's been going on in the east village and fucking downtown brooklyn and fucking dumbo for the past 5 years with the stupid rooftop bullshit.A lot of luxury hotels, towers and refurbished former tenement buildings have sprouted like the malignant tumors they are with their makeshift nite clubs and the precincts don't even show the slightest bit of repression or even the effort of authority they do when they stop and frisk or when they obstruct the right to assembly to protest.

And this obnoxious niteclub culture has been going on in other towns, especially south queens with the all night house parties with the ridiculous bass and tuneless lousy recent rap, spanish,indian and carribean music which doesn't sound much different than the shrill flatulence that Z100 plays. And guess what, no repression! It would be fine if it was a boombox, but these people use speakers that would put Marshall stacks to pasture. And this goes on every weekend in the same spots, and there are no patrols. I never seen the big ninja bike and tricked out cars with the custom speakers congregate as was written by other posters here, but it's the same niteclub culture that they try to emulate. Everybody wants to be in the club or apparently want to make their own.

Because this is, as Mayor Lindsay once gaffed and prophesied, FUN CITY. And by any means necessary, along with the hemorrhaging tourism must continue unabated. It's what our minimally elected officials in city hall and city council think will make this metropolis financially secure.

These are the new bad days. So invest in ear plugs and smoke a bowl or joint and lie down. It's going to be the longest summer ever.

JQ said...

I forgot

Welcome to New York...


Anonymous said...

Pete "junior" Vallone is a pain in Astoria's father like son. Like grandpa like father. The Vallones have sacked Astoria for their own gain for three generations.
Dynasties have no place in America. The very idea opposes Democracy. Term limits for ALL political offices, from top to bottom!

Anonymous said...

How many times have I heard the NYPD say "they are continuing to monitor the situation"? Why don't they just come out and tell us that they will not do a damned thing about noise??? It's too trivial for them. It's not heroic.

We have lived within the 102 Pct. for over 20 years and I can count on one hand and not use all of my fingers the number of times that have responded to a noise complaint in a timely manner. Their overwhelming response is that they hear/see nothing.

The music is so loud every day (worse on weekends) that earplugs are absolutely useless.

B & R Ny'er said...

Paintball guns are wonderful persuaders. No permit required.