Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Murder at Resorts World

From NBC:

A woman was shot and killed at the Resorts World Casino in Queens early Tuesday morning, according to police.

Authorities said a male suspect shot the woman multiple times in the body following some kind of confrontation in the casino parking lot in South Ozone Park at about 2:30 a.m.

The police sewed this one up quickly.


JQ said...

Not that I was hoping for it but I'm surprised it took this long for an actual murder over there, and this is a month after that moron battle royal inside the "racino".

These are the new bad days, shit's indeed getting lit.

Anonymous said...

Criminality is suspected.

Anonymous said...

I for one am shocked. This seems like such a fine family establishment!

Anonymous said...

Seems like nothing good ever happens at that place

Anonymous said...

A casino in the ghetto is surely a recipe for disaster.

Anonymously Grey Gardens said...

We can all thank our hardworking (or, rather hardly working) Governor Cuomo and his delusional Emperor, Joe Addabbo for this voracious, foreign gambling mill debacle of epic fail (for everyone else, that is).

Alas, I remember when this hideous barnacle opened its crooked doors (that further blighted an already oppressive neighborhood, no less), where great praise and adulation came from Addabbo himself, as he spoke passionately and eloquently about how the very presence of such a casino would engender not only new, well paying jobs to South Ozone Park (a complete falsehood), but would also help outside businesses flourish due to the racino's steady flow of human suckers, I mean patrons, who would then seek restaurants and other outside attractions to spend their money on (what money---they lost it all at the racino---again, still and repeatedly!), and naturally none of this pack of shameless lies ever happened.

So, for the governor and his incompetent, monstrously self serving, cradle-to-grave political hacks, it's always the same private splendor for themselves---versus rampant public squalor for the rank and file---where the exclusionary circles of a country club style government leave great disparity in their wake, always and forevermore! What a shock!

Anonymously Grey Gardens said...

I have always maintained that the public good must always outweigh the weight of private and political gain. Not according to Albany's self-imposed legislation, where just like the Fall of the Roman Empire, the senators and governing rule come first---and the public be damned.

In New York State, Neo-Fascism reigns supreme (again and still), where now even the entire City Council is also a vapid, self serving extension of this entrenched level of failing government practices that only benefit the arbiters who've now taken total control of our purported freedoms and democracy, as evidenced by a foreign gambling mill like Aqueduct's shady Racino. In simpler parlance, world history is repeating itself---with a vengeance!

Anonymous said...

Where were the police? Did someone see which cop shot her?

Hands up! Don't loot!

Anonymous said...

Another case where Queens never gets anything good. This gambling parlor was a bad thing from the very start.

Anonymously Grey Gardens said...

Aqueduct Racetrack was never a good place for a foreign gambling mill (or anyplace on American soil for that matter), especially since this is (or was) a residential neighborhood, already blighted by political corruption, transient public apathy and grinding joblessness and oppression that was here long before the racino's much dreaded arrival.

Further, the formerly residential community of South Ozone Park is now overburdened with forcefully having to deal with high volumes of low paying workers (or the unemployed, collecting from the public trough), who travel from even more oppressed and blighted neighborhoods like East New York, Bed Stuy, etc., and when they wind up losing money that was never in their station in life to gamble away in the first place, they then become angry, destructive drunkards who inflict harm to others with impunity. As soon as they leave the racino's grounds (after having gambled their meager, earnings and near future away with abandon, never to be seen again), they walk through our neighborhoods (in order to connect to the A train elevated platform), cursing and talking loudly in the middle of the night, uprooting plants from our front gardens (or stealing them altogether), and depositing their beer and liquor containers on our lawns, driveways and everywhere else that follows public urination, as well as many other destructive forms of unwelcome behavior that ultimately degrades the community.

Sadly, I predicted much, if not all of this subhuman depravity well before the racino ever opened, and immediately after Emperor (no clothes) Addabbo made statements that embraced the yet to be opened racino for everything that it proved to never be---or ever will be. But, the powers that be never like to hear the truth, after they've negotiated yet another rotten, monstrously self-serving deal that is always forced upon fed up and disgusted Queens taxpaying residents---where even organized crime itself doesn't have this much control, heft, fear and paralysis over their beholden subjects!

This is democracy?

Anonymous said...

Would you please summarize your three posts into three lines? thanks

Rich Parkwood said...

There's plenty of new businesses opening up on Rockaway Blvd: pawn shops!

Anonymous said...

Rockaway Blvd and Liberty Av have become a thoroughly blighted territory filled with pawn shops and check cashing stores along with numerous bodegas. The casino has sucked the economy out of South Ozone Park. Special thanks to King Cuomo and his partner in crime, Joe Addabbo.

Anonymous said...

Bring back OTB!

Anonymous said...

rockaway and liberty were always disgusting with numerous bodegas and 99 cent stores. they were always filthy.

Anonymous said...

Richard, you annoy even those that agree with you. Ya gotta pare it down, man.

Now go on and call me a fascist.

Anonymously Grey Gardens said...

Since I don't know who you are, Anonymous (because you continue to post under Anonymous cover), I certainly don't know if you're a fascist or not (nor do I personally care), but I've never written anything on this blog to personally attack or criticize anyone, least of all a hidden treasure like you--but, now since you've provided me with a cause of action to reply, I'll happily start with you.

If you don't like what I have to say, then stop reading---unless, that is, your're being held against your will and under duress to actually read, and where your temples are starting to ache. What's especially annoying is how you've taken time to merely waste good space to point out your personal annoyances, while I'm actually contributing to something in my community that truly has merit---as opposed to whatever you think you've accomplished.

Therefore, please don't speak on behalf of what you believe that others are speculating, in order to win points for whatever argument you're trying to win, and endeavor instead to add something of value here, instead of blank (and blind) criticism.

In the end, all like minded politicians (of little work and effort) enjoy seeing Anonymous characters like you pit themselves against others, who've got an actual record of accomplishment and community activism, because it makes it easier for them to step back and retreat into even more silence and complicity, in the bizarro world of a failed system of taxation without representation, that keeps rewarding monstrous failure. Maybe you're okay with that, but I'm clearly not, and I don't airbrush reality on whatever topic needs to be addressed.

So, perhaps you should yourself consider 'Paring It Up,' man---and stop with the personal attacks against anyone for trying to make a difference in community unification. Apparently, 'No good deed goes unpunished,' is all that you've communicated here.

Anonymous said...

Richard, for crying out loud, please keep your comments to two or three short sentences! You are losing reader's interest with your mike-long diatribes.

Anonymously Grey Gardens said...

And for that other 'Anonymous,' who has now taken to giving me personal directives to 'summarize my three posts into three lines,' my suggestion to you would be for you to personally abstain from reading anything altogether, as it clearly cuts in to your short attention span, and busy schedule of the evening's TV lineup---not to mention your many other allegedly, in person civic activities.

Now, I would ask you to likewise summarize your community minded thoughts and suggestions, but since you haven't offered any, there is nothing for you to summarize---but, ironically plenty of time for you to criticize the actual work of others like me who are trying to make a difference in the community---so unlike you.

So the, if you're not part of the solution, Anonymous, then you don't have any valid right to complain about whatever real work and progress that is attempting to be made.

Not everything messy in life can be effectively summarized into three neat little lines, simply to accommodate your personal demands, when in fact it took years of political neglect, decay and apathy for a debacle like Racino to ravage our once quiet community and surrounding neighborhoods in the first place. Now, our blocks resemble makeshift garbage dumps, because of the steady foot traffic who randomly throw their beer and liquor containers (and food wrappers) onto our property before boarding the A train back to Brooklyn---and it's a blighted, filthy mess.

Summarize that!

Anonymously Grey Gardens said...

A neighborhood of blighted storefronts, multiple pawn shops, check cashing outlets and bodegas within a relatively small radius of a purported business district is a clear sign of political neglect and distress.

But, you'd never know it by the deafening silence and complicity of Eric Ulrich and Joseph Addabbo! For them, it's private splendor all the way---versus public squalor and disparity for their unattended, intentionally ignored constituents.

Despite how the former Aqueduct Flea Market had progressively devolved into a 'Moroccan street bazaar' environment (where in the beginning it offered products of craftsmanship, luxury and finery---before the mass exodus of a rapidly diminishing American middle class), it nevertheless still managed to provide an actual, necessary service to South Ozone Park, Ozone Park and beyond, where new, migratory residents of low income to the area could shop in similar conditions of the countries from which they left behind (another sure sign of community decay).

Now, even that has been uprooted for the privately negotiated benefits of Genting, a global, foreign, Malaysian gambling Ponzi scheme (and the corrupt and greedy politicians who supported a way for outsiders to make obscene, grinding profits, feeding off the poorest of low income earners, around the clock, no less, over good paying American jobs with a living wage--like their exalted jobs of zero accountability--furnished with a lifetime of city and state defined pensions), when they themselves have totally failed to represent the needs and wants of their continually aggrieved constituents.

It's a system of taxation without representation that is only worsened by a money drainage system, more commonly known as Aqueduct Racino. Welcome to the newest ghetto in southeastern Queens---compliments of your local, friendly robbing, hustling leadership of epic fail.

Anonymous said...

Hysterical. Richard, I wish I could write like you. Don't listen to these goons with the attention span of a rodent. I think you found some haters. Bravo.

Anonymous said...

The fleas market was a hotbed of criminality with counterfeit goods and other crime. The Racetrack was a blight and still is. Even with recent layoffs casino has hired more people than they said they would and they pay a well more than living wage. Just because the media sensationalizes 2 crimes it does not mean a hotbed of crime exists. DOTs stupid traffic calming stuff on Rockaway Blvd created more traffic problems than the casino. Pawn shops and bodegas were there pre-casino and the neighborhood is not a ghetto.

Anonymous said...

Genting was supposed to support local businesses by paying for Doe Fund cleaners to work along Rockaway Blvd. That never happened. Genting was supposed to sponsor banner programs along Rockaway and Crossbay Blvds to support local businesses. That never happened. So why were Cuomo and Addabbo touting the racino's " partnership" with the local business community when clearly nothing has been done? They have some answering to do. They all lied!

Anonymous said...

And the happy ending is a classic suicide by cop.

Anonymous said...

I too was surprised that the place had been open so long without a shooting/murder.

Anonymously Grey Gardens said...

Could it be that I there is simply too much information for your dumb head to process, Anonymous?

Did our forefathers skimp on what they delivered with the US Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, Gettysburg Address, and many other relevant doctrines of critical thought?

Honestly, please either learn to read in the time that it takes to boil and egg, or skip my posts altogether---you will not be missed.

Ironically, I noticed how other long scripts regarding the recent Steinway Mansion neglect, and Mayor de Blasio's latest housing proposals for his laughable 'Tale of Two Cities' diatribe, were not under personal attack by you. So, given that you are a nameless, faceless source of protected anonymity (like the others who have unfairly criticized, but haven't offered to get their own fingernails dirty), then I am left to believe that these unjustified attacks are personal in nature--and not simply due to length of story content.

In simpler parlance, stop reading my posts altogether! No one is demanding it of you, so stop reading---and stop complaining!

Anonymously Grey Gardens said...

A hotbed of criminality, Anonymous? For a minute, I thought you were talking about Albany and City Hall---not a local flea market!

While there may have been a fair amount of counterfeit goods at the now defunct Aqueduct Flea Market, it pales in comparison to the systemic criminality and entrenched corruption that permitted such a foreign gambling mill, Ponzi scheming blight to open in the first place--compliments of Governor Caligula and State Senator Abominator (aka Cuomo and Addabbo), regardless of how you maintain that the racetrack itself has always been blighted (not like this it hasn't!)!

As for your claim that job hirings exceeded Racino's initial supply offerings, well, that too is not so impressive, when most, if not all of it was filled by hourly wage slaves in non-growth positions. In fact, many locals were passed over altogether, and the non-local ones who they actually offered what passes today for legitimate employment, ended up stealing from this raw sewage plant of human misery with a vengeance (which is just desserts and delicious irony, given how Genting proprietors themselves continue to be the biggest, most voracious thieves of all---right alongside two cowardly henchmen like Cuomo and Addabbo!)!

Also, I've personally talked to many Racino wage slave workers, who've angrily stated that their paychecks are 'petrified' (beyond reason and sanity), and on top of corporate wage slavery, they are treated like genetic mutations and lepers (their words, no mine). One woman recently told me that she received a whopping $0.25 cents more an hour, after having served a year's time in their indentured, dead end customer service program.

And the Rockaway Boulevard traffic madness that you mention (an engineering nightmare that we inherited by former Bloomberg sado-narcissist, Jeanette Sadik-Khan), only exacerbated the grinding traffic at all hours of the day and night, that didn't previously exist---that is, until the front gates to this giant money drainage system opened it doors to the poor, poorer and poorest of gambling fools!

Finally, the pawn shops and bodegas that you refer to as having already been opened "pre-casino" is exactly why they opened up in the first place---in anticipation of the grinding flow of desperate fools, who were soon to be completely bereft and vulnerable, at the exact time that they would surely stumble in to one of these soul crushing establishments of predatory opportunity!

And you say that the neighborhood is not a ghetto, Anonymous? It must be bliss to live in Denial, New York! Any homes for sale there?

Anonymously Grey Gardens said...

One final note on the topic of gambling casinos. They are all, without exception, failed examples at job growth and development, and an experiment in the deepest wells of human misery---because the very existence of these insidious, glittery attractions of 'fatty sizzle, and no steak,' continue to profit obscenely from their duped targets, as the 'House' wins---again, still, always and forevermore!

Studies have proven that gambling itself is regressive and cannibalistic: Regressive, because as soon as a gambler's apportioned and disposable income runs out (and it always does---assuming that there was an actual income to dispose of in the first place), then the gambling deficits begin to immediately 'eat away' at other monies that were purportedly designated for car loan payments, home mortgages, college funds, vacations, Christmas Club accounts, etc.); and cannibalistic, because once those untouchable reserves disappear into oblivion, then comes the more extreme methods of gambling recovery, catch up and loss recuperation---namely, lying, cheating and stealing (hence, the cannibal part of the equation).

But, the only ones who've shown any gain from this tragic loop of human misery (and a tremendous gain it has been), are the self-enriching henchmen from within Governor Caligula's house of rapidly collapsing cards, which continue to bankrupt the rank and file with impunity, while tax revenues for New York State keep climbing, as the foreign Genting gambling mill and Ponzi scheme reach 'Oligarch' status, for predictable world domination in this industry of diseased sewer rats, that ironically, is collectively suffocating the life out of its broken, beaten and ravaged patrons (for whom the addiction is tragically self-inflicted)!

But, as devastating as the disease of gambling addiction is, there is even more rampant and entrenched disease currently being spread like wildfire, stink weed and crabgrass in Albany, namely, the disease of 'Naked Greed,' for which there is no cure!

Anonymously Grey Gardens said...

What is also shocking here is how other people still find it shocking (or just plain cavalier), how all politicians lie, cheat and steal---easier than they breathe---and without consequence, no less!

But, regardless of how intensely incompetent and shielded they continue to be, they still collect their cradle-to-grave pensions without penalty and censure! And what's truly depraved here is how they themselves are the bane of a ravaged society that can no longer function--directly because of their arrogant, pompous, false, fake and failed leadership, that unbelievably continues to be protected by a totally corrupt system from within Albany and City Hall---and the media retreat into silence, propaganda and diversion. There's no one left to trust, because they are all part of the never ending cover-ups.

Alas, Robert DeNiro was right: We're all F***ED---least of all NYU graduating students, who just got the most vile, rudest awakening from DeNiro himself! ALL POLITICIANS are a pathological, treasonous scourge of barbarism and savagery---and it's only getting worse by the hour!

Anonymous said...

If you can't say it in 50 words or less, it's not worth reading.

Anonymous said...

Oh God, it's time, he's earned it: no one was ever more appropriately named than our own Irritating Dick.

Just like it sounds, it hurts.

A hint, Richard, your response starts with "it hurts to be a fascist, anonymous" - oh, but which of the many anonymouses you've attacked am I? (Answer: who cares, you're a *#$€¥*).

Oh Richard, I might even like you if you were just a little less demeaning.

Less is More said...

Richard Iritatingtano. You suffer from diarrhea of the finger.

"Brevity is the soul of wit." - Shakespeare.

You cite the Gettysburg Address above. We remember Lincoln's 270 words and not Edward Everett's (the other speaker) 13,000 words.

Anonymously Grey Gardens said...

Then, by all means, don't read it, Anonymous. There are plenty of critically minded people who are interested in knowing more, not less, about just how deliberately out of touch their failed representatives are, regarding constituent matters that are willfully ignored and disregarded with impunity.

So, next time you complain about high taxes, and all of the other social ills that plague your community that are instantly ignored by your assemblyman, councilman, state senator and congressman, then perhaps you yourself can heed your own unsolicited advice (anonymously, naturally), by summarizing your grievances to all of them in 50 words or less---right before they file your letter in the nearest trash can!

In the end, you can PROPOSE, but you can't IMPOSE! Sadly, your type is exactly why arrogant, lazy, recalcitrant and unresponsive politicians continue to fail their subjects with shear contempt and audacity in the first place.

That's why I don't take directives from anyone online who makes unqualified statements, while ironically hiding behind a post of anonymity---least of all yours. Likewise, it is never good form to impose rigid guidelines upon someone else's viewpoint, or visit personally mandated beliefs that are not germane to the topic that is up for discussion, because it will be perceived as petty and stern.

Alas, why would anyone voluntarily choose to pit themselves against one another when the purpose of a blog is to work in the interests of what commonly ails a community, not personal jabs towards one another? Totally senseless and counterproductive!

Anonymously Grey Gardens said...

To all who continue to criticize and soil yourselves with primitive, venal name calling (as a pitiful substitute for meaningful content), while maintaining a vacuous, 'Anonymous' cover (that underscores bottom feeding cowardice), please just fade away into oblivion--the sooner the better!

You've offered nothing here but personal, unwarranted anger, resentment and bitterness that doesn't follow any cause of action. Worse, it's a clear, unsuccessful tactic to disarm by a predictable 'Attack And Retreat, and 'Accuse And Evade' disposition. Whatever personality deficiencies that afflict you does not give you licence to create a hostile environment against anyone, and schoolyard bully tactics, simply because you strenuously disagree with a viewpoint, that you yourselves repeatedly fail to argue any credible theories to support your apparent angst and contempt.

In closing, here's another notorious quote by Shakespeare: You know, "...a tale told by an idiot, told with great sound and fury, and signifying nothing...." Shakespeare was way ahead of his time---he had all of you sophomoric, public fools in mind when he composed this meditation for simple life forms like you, who revel in shooting the messenger, while ignoring the message itself!

Now, congratulate yourself, guys, for reinforcing online bullying and ignorance, as well as a low information mob mentality that will surely expedite your collective demise!

Anonymously Grey Gardens said...

Crikey! So many new, forcefully opinionated enemies today on Queens Crap---on a single thread, no less, that is purportedly about rampant, Racino crime and dysfunction (from both management and patrons alike), political corruption, graft, lawlessness and the decaying, eroding communities of South Ozone Park, Ozone Park and beyond!

Could it be that most, if not all of these highly agitated, aggrieved and name calling complainants, who continue to cowardly hide under the ubiquitous tag of 'Anonymous' could be an integral, primary component of the shady underworld of corruption itself? Now, what sane, ethical person of honesty and goodness would find fault with anything that I've accurately posted here, unless they themselves are part of the problem, not the solution?

But, please, keep writing in with your baseless, sophomoric insults, jabs, name calling and common, low grade, primitive, overall stupidity---because each time that you publicly display contempt and ignorance without a cause of action, it's a fervent testament to how I'm providing a great service to a majority of public decency, for people who've long ago evolved past the stage of aimless, outcast troglodyte (you know who you all are, Anonymous)!

Further, with all of your pitifully misdirected anger, folks, Queens politicians are having a taxpayer funded field day (again, still and always), feeding off of the intense, incompetence and stupidity that you have willfully provided for their personal amusement.

Consequently, I must be doing something very right here to evoke such overt hostility from a forceful, fringe (bowel) movement, without a credible defense. So, keep on writin', my disgruntled misfits!

Anonymously Grey Gardens said...

If only I could malign your family name with the same, vapid, immature worthlessness and intensity that you've visited on my good name, Anonymous.

Oh, that's right---I'm an adult, with a highly functional brain that doesn't suspend all cognitive function at will---so unlike you!

Also, since you've cowardly chosen to not identify yourself online (with the other like minded, critical cowards who continue to hide their shabbiness under an 'Anonymous' tag), I don't have the reciprocal luxury of lampooning your name with equal force and contempt.

But of greater importance, WHO CARES if you like me or not, simply based on your personal beliefs and misguided perceptions that my actions and words were 'demeaning.' Apparently, you have equated the word 'truth' with the definition of 'demeaning,' and it's a total falsehood--and one that I didn't ever imply. Now, just because you are not interested in hearing any form of verifiable truth, doesn't give you the right to deny me the chance to speak it (or anyone else).

But, PLEASE, if you can't properly identify yourself, then control your adolescent impulses to make personal, pejorative attacks on people who have actually identified themselves, and who've already made (and continue to make), REAL differences in the many injustices of daily life---even for ungrateful, immaculately-cleaned-fingernails sleepwalkers like you!

Anonymous said...

Summing up the irritating rant:
"...full of sound and fury, signifying nothing..."
1. He doesn't like casino.
2. He doesn't like elected officials. (probably because none of them could get him his job back.)
3. He's got a superiority complex.
50 words or less.

Less is more. said...

Richard Iri-tating-tano. Most here probably agree with you. I do. But you are too VERBOSE.

Exempla gratia:

"...that are instantly ignored by your assemblyman, councilman, state senator and congressman .. ."

Hey, what happened? you left off POTUS and the dog-catcher. Wouldn't "politicians" or "elected-representatives" have been sufficient?

Check out the following from the obit of William Zinsser who wrote "On Writing Well":

"clarity, simplicity, brevity"

"There's not much to be said about the period except that most writers don't reach it soon enough."

"You actually enjoy reading it, rather than feeling like you're eating your spinach."

"The first lesson he taught was what to leave out."

"The parrot always says to look for needless verbiage."

Full obit here.

Anonymous said...

"If you can't take the [anonymous] heat, get out of the kitchen [this blogsite]" - Harry Truman

Anonymously Grey Gardens said...

Effective summary of a vindictive, 'Anonymous' loser and counterfeit, sophomoric misfit:

1. lazy, arrogant copycat (who is unsuccessful at turning my own quote from Shakespeare against me, that was personally selected and designated for a bottom feeding scavenger like you);
2. Unsuccessfully attempting to force legitimate complaints against a corrupt, dysfunctional casino into a personal matter, while ignoring the record of fact and evidence (like a politician);
3. Introducing speculation that is venal and personal in nature, that doesn't support the 'on topic' argument (thereby proving my correct theory of 'Attack And Retreat, 'Accuse And Evade';
4. Making hostile, unfounded assumptions that are nothing more than personal attacks, in the wake of statements that such a specific coward (who tags himself 'Anonymous') finds hard or uncomfortable to accept (the result of a forceful, aggressive, powerless, lazy mind and entitled affect);
5. Acting like an imperious, online bully, who not only has anything but unjustified criticism to offer---but worse, it's all done under cowardly cover and vengeful suspicion---like politicians themselves---which I'm now beginning to believe that you yourself are one (since you continue to defend their silence and complicity with staggering loyalty, while ignoring firmly established evidence).

In conclusion, you're not fooling anyone, Anonymous! Better to spend your time doing something productive (anything!), than trolling this site and attacking me with a personal vengeance---which is now tantamount to online harassment! You can't bully me into submission, you filthy powerless maggot--and for you to introduce any statements of personal business regarding matters that were never your business to adjudicate in the first place, only underscores just what a desperate, despicable coward that you are--and always have been (Attack And Retreat...remember?)!

Your harassing, online statements against me devalue honesty itself! So, knock it off, fool! And when you're in a ditch---STOP DIGGING--because the dirt that you keep digging into a deeper whole (as in malcontent ass-hole), will soon end up under your own fingernails! In the end, it always does!

Anonymously Grey Gardens said...

Sadly, it's always corrupt and evil people of unearned, undeserved entitlement from within the community, who fight with mud, nastiness, hostility and a targeted vengeance, in the face of actual truth (to the very bitter end), in order to win an argument that is not even remotely winnable, while simultaneously employing predictable, strong arm tactics to silence the messenger. Such bullying tactics are older than dirt itself, and where these worn out acts themselves seem to always rival the same playbook schemes used by the underworld. The toothpaste has been completely squeezed out of the tube, guys---and it can't be forcefully shoved back in--no matter how hard you tirelessly try and persist!

So, let's no get ugly here folks---it simply isn't worth it. If you're not part of the solution, then save your comments for a time that engenders positive community activism, until such a time that you finally become part of the solution yourselves, instead of the ongoing problems that still continue to languish by tone deaf politicians within our blighted community.

Because, right now, the venom that unjustifiably continues to be misdirected at me, is far more telling than anything that I've said on this thread to date, in the interests of honest, ethical leadership (that leads by example).

But, why, curiously doesn't anyone have any stern words for the politicians who've done nothing to engender actual public service work for a living, instead of a dereliction of public duty, as well as 'selective' and 'occasional' representation?

Save your internalized anger for them (any one of them!)---or a competent therapist (your choice)---not the messenger!

Anonymously Grey Gardens said...

To Less Is More: I'd rather hear from an actual parrot, than to listen to squawk on with a stale, vapid lecture and unsolicited diatribe! In fact, there's more welcome feedback in the parrot's excrement than what you wrote online!

Sadly for you, any third grader could easily glean more from what I have to say than you could even begin to process. So, ONCE AGAIN, STOP reading what doesn't interest you---and then control your impulses to COMPLAIN NEEDLESSLY about comments that I didn't write for an illiterate audience like you in the first place!

Finally, no one has any right to legitimately complain about anything when they can't even reveal who or what they are--least of all a critical little turd like you. And since you've surprisingly displayed enough of a marginal attention span to quote someone's else's hard work, here's another applicable quote for you from Benjamin Franklin: "He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither."

So, if you don't have the balls to reveal who you are, then shut your mud whole and pick on someone else who likewise hides their identity under Anonymous---or, better yet, no one at all! What ugly, hateful cowards you all are! Ugly people living cowardly, uglier lives!

Less is more. said...

"He can compress the most words into the smallest ideas of any man I ever met." - Abraham Lincoln

While you're at it getting Zinsser's "On Writing Well", be sure to pick up a copy of Strunk & White's "Elements of Style:. Excerpt below:

"Vigorous writing is concise. A sentence should contain no unnecessary words, a paragraph no unnecessary sentences, for the same reason that a drawing should have no unnecessary lines and a machine no unnecessary parts. This requires not that the writer make all his sentences short, or that he avoid all detail and treat his subjects only in outline, but that he make every word tell."

JQ said...

I was reading elements of style before I decided to contribute to commenting on blogs, well this one.

Richard, wow. Chill a little bit, some of criticism is constructive. Those people,as well as I since I use a pseudonym, are not cowards nor are we the enemy to your freedom to write here. And why should you give a crap if some people insult you, it's the goddamn internet. I like to go back and find that observation you made about people trolling on sites, which was very insightful and sociologically correct, but even I got taxed scrolling up trying to find it.

Keep fighting the good fight, please don't kill me.

Anonymous said...

"In fact, there's more welcome feedback in the parrot's excrement than what you wrote online!"

Surely you jest, Richard "The Irritant" Iritano. Either that or you're really chewing the carpet.

Anon no. 44 (not the other guys) said...

43 posts, and most of them have nothing at all with what Crappie posted. Can you guys take this outside?

Anonymously Grey Gardens said...

JQ, the cowards to whom I refer are not just anyone who uses an 'Anonymous' tag. I ascribed the term ONLY to all 'Anonymous' writers who took hostile and personal jabs against me that were not so much critical as they were outright nasty and vituperative, as a substitute for a credible defense and argument (a proven, cowardly tactic).

Also, the same 'Anonymous' cowards were now becoming more ignorant and brazen, as to give me directives (not criticisms) on how to write (unbelievably), what to write and what to say and think---and none of it, ironically, related to the topic on this particular thread (Murder at Resorts World), while completely ignoring all topic connections altogether (and then veering off course into a personal, vindictive attack mode against any of the truthful accounts that I stated), not to mention how I was excoriated for mentioning how the blighted environment that such an unwelcome Racino reinforces and invites, while the community that was assured help from a purported gambling mill continues to decay into even worse ghetto conditions that didn't previously exist!

So, kindly direct your comments, JQ, at all of those 'Anonymous' mouthy fools who took personal licence to attack a point of view that they found uncomfortable and hard to accept, as opposed to an open discussion of civil discourse (because these cowards are not civil in the first place--only petty and vengeful). In contrast, you'll find that I never initiated any personal attacks on anyone (or challenged their opinions with hostility) until they FIRST visited their nasty exchanges on me, without a cause of action, and worse, that veered completely off topic!

Instead, like a civilized citizen of comportment, I provided only a proven account of fact and truth that has already been firmly established, which apparently disturbed these forceful, bullying online cowards under cover into even greater, defensive attack mode that is not credible (only venal and personal), in an attempt to further bully and intimidate me into silence.

But, since blogs are already filled with a high volume of 'Anonymous' public fools, bent only on winning arguments that are not winnable (because they don't rely on fact and theory---only stern criticism of others who've already demonstrated leadership by example), by a 'Mob Mentality' and a clearly demonstrated 'Attack And Retreat, Accuse And Evade' disposition, then there really is nothing left to say to these vile, petty, dictating cowards.

In the end, karma will definitely catch up with them (if it hasn't already), as they totally deserve the failed political leadership that enslaves them into obscurity, because they pick their battles NOT against their representatives for a demanded cause of action---only against do good constituents who dare to weigh in on the monstrous human misery that arrogant, counterfeit politicians created for everyone else in the first place (shoot the messenger, say the ignorant and poorly educated of society's fringe!)!

So, please, JQ, don't ascribe blame and punishment to the messenger because of the message! Instead, assign blame to the actual cowards, who wrongly continue to criticize and vilify me (with personal name calling, no less, and sophomoric modifications to my family name in place of a credible argument), while they revel in the luxury of public anonymity that emboldens them to talk even more brazenly, that would otherwise not be possible, had they revealed their identities for accountable consequences to prevail upon their protected feedback.

Like I said, arrogant, opinionated, uneducated cowards of epic fail---just like the failed political leadership themselves, who continue to mistreat them with a vengeful contempt! A vicious cycle of societal neglect and decay, if ever there was one!

Anonymously Grey Gardens said...

Also important, JQ, is how all of these 'Anonymous' phantom writers who directed their personal attacks and venom against me (all 43 of them, all off topic, no less), could only feign courage because they've chosen to hide behind an untraceable facade---always a sign of true and deep cowardice!

They would never have the balls to speak with such pointless, attacking vile if they revealed they're own vapid identities. Just like the cowardly 'Wizard Behind the Curtain!'

And had they posted their actual, real names, then it would not have been necessary for me to respond to their surely reworded, revised or pulled comments in the first place, since they are gutless cowards without balls to begin with! So, please don't fault me for responding to these imbeciles---they were all reflexive, justified 'Cause and Effect' replies that deserved even greater hostility than they themselves initiated!

And, no, I have no interest in killing you, JQ, or anyone else! My interests here are (and always were) to set the record straight, and a little schadenfreude that only comes from the satisfaction of wiping the floor with all 'Anonymous' misfits who deserve their instant karma as 'floor wiping' devices!

Now, back to Murder at the Racino!

JQ said...

You know what really has nothing to do with the post, the nature of the crime. This murder was based on some prick's obsession with a woman and not on money or won money from the racino that was robbed.

Something like that will happen soon enough

Less is more. said...

" JQ said...
You know what really has nothing to do with the post, the nature of the crime. This murder was based on some prick's obsession with a woman and not on money or won money from the racino that was robbed.

Something like that will happen soon enough"


Now you see how easy that's to read? Concise and to the point.

Anonymously Grey Gardens said...

I agree, JQ, but the Racino itself (and the property on which it is located), are breeding grounds for misconduct, disparity and aggression. Chronic gambling losses always bring out the worst in gamblers (or addicts who believe that luck will finally bestow upon them a windfall), where many, if not all, can't afford to gamble in the first place! The only winners in this endless money pit are the House of Genting, Albany and the bought and paid for politicians, who've negligently approved this grinding loop of human misery, as the blighted conditions around the property remain unaddressed, with an edict that maintains a 'Delay, Deny and Hope That You Die' stance.

As I've previously stated, this foreign gambling mill offers nothing for the community it purportedly serves---except grinding commerce and massive profits for Genting, and a steady stream of NYS tax revenues.

But, on the other end of the dysfunctional spectrum is a steady flow of angry and upset patrons bent on a path of drunken destruction. Every weekend continues to show evidence of sloppy, drunk, dissatisfied customers---many of whom keep returning, only to keep losing, which only makes them angrier and more determined to recover gambling losses that so far have only kept multiplying. (I've personally asked various friends and neighbors at random about their Racino experiences, where not a single one lost less that $500, with a mean average of $3-5,000 in losses that are gone forever.)

Now, I didn't airbrush reality on this matter---it's a proven record of fact that all of my neighbors agree on, all of whom are equally fed up and disgusted (after significant losses, they've learned their lesson, and never returned---unlike the masses of commuting gamblers). Also fact is how gambling is both regressive and cannibalistic, for the many reasons that I stated in one of my painfully long posts---the same ones over which I was personally attacked for speaking the truth, simply because I exercised my First Amendment rights.

So, for me, it was always about the Racino topic---and NOTHING ELSE!