Thursday, December 11, 2014

What passes for award-winning architecture in Queens

From the Queens Courier:

The Queens Chamber of Commerce hosted its 99th annual Building Awards on Thursday, recognizing architecture and design of new buildings around the borough.

Out of 100 total entries, just 19 new construction, interior and rehabilitated use projects were selected as winners from various categories, including public use, office space, commercial and residential.

City Planning Director Carl Weisbrod was the keynote speaker at the event in the LaGuardia Marriott Hotel. The Chamber’s President’s Award was given to College Point-based developer Mattone Group.

In terms of new construction, the modern, glassy, three-story commercial building by K.O.H. Architecture at 215-15 Northern Blvd. in Bayside was among the winners. The building is home to a Tiger Schulmann, a Pizza Hut and a day care.

I heard that Frank Lloyd Crap is jealous.


Anonymous said...

Nice landscaping! You'd never see shit like this in another big US city.

This is so typical of the low-brow, knuckle-walkers in Queens!

Anonymous said...

C-R-A-P. This is another reason why Queens is the #1 destination in the U.S. ? I wonder how much the writer of that survey got paid off by Queens politicians.

Anonymous said...

These awards a just a revenue-generator/advertising scheme. Entries cost big bucks, and are submitted by the owner, or the designer, or the contractor - who can then tout their (purchased) award.

Christopher Wren said...

That building is simply awesome!

I'm sure it will appear in a future edition of Sir Banister Fletcher's A History of Architecture!

What were those Greeks and Romans thinking? Queens has the BEST architecture EVER!

zee zeem said...


Anonymous said...

Check out the Astoria Ugly blog.

The people that run Queens have no taste or class.

Anonymous said...