Saturday, December 6, 2014

Waldbaum's becomes staging area for drag racers

From the Queens Chronicle:

A group of streets in Howard Beach are being overtaken by people meeting up in the Waldbaum’s parking lot on Cross Bay Boulevard and playing loud music, conducting lewd acts and racing along the corridor.

“This needs to stop,” one resident who identified himself as Neal said.

Neal, who lives near the Waldbaum’s at 156-01 Cross Bay Blvd., said people have been gathering inside the parking lot to prepare for races down the boulevard.

He said the group has overrun his quiet block, which consists primarily of senior citizens.

“I never thought this would’ve happened on my block,” he said. “I would have never moved here if I thought this was going to happen.”

Neal said the people who gather in the parking lot have also taken to littering the nearby streets with garbage, beer bottles and drug paraphernalia.

He also told the story of how one night he saw a female driver sleeping in her car, with her foot on the brake.

Neal has called the cops on the group many times, but claims that someone must have a police scanner because the cars disperse before the authorities arrive.


Anonymous said...

So how much does it cost to put a police cruiser there for a few hours?

Heck, they send SWAT teams to the wrong address for an overdue library book.

Where are the priorities?

Anonymous said...

Where are the priorities?

The Eric Garner riots.

JQ said...

just like the ninja biker gang a few years ago,this confederacy of douches probably has a few cops in their gang,certainly the one with the police scanner.

bratton sure needs to find his priorities,because he would rather deploy units,even from other precincts like the 106th,to stop people from legally assembling to protest than to patrol areas where they belong.what's truly fucked up is that the majority of howard beach is elderly

there is a palpable sense of anarchy in the air,and the kids and these immature adults know it.part of it stems by the pop culture of today,and the political climate.they're partying like the world's ending.and the nypd is more concerned with controlling by fear and oppression.

bratton must resign.

Anonymous said...

I thought drag racing had been "grandfathered" in Howard Beach. Perhaps the people complaining forgot all the time they spent at the Bow-Wow and Pizza City 50 years ago. Boys will be boys.

Anonymous said...

Anon no. 4:

Except when they or someone else gets killed in a crash.

Chris Russo said...

I suggest anyone affected by this call in a complaint AND go download the 311 smart phone app. When you complain over the app it goes into a trackable database AND they have to respond to you electronically and let you know what the outcome was. I've had better success with the app then phone calls which are sometimes ignored. Call the pct AND file a complaint over the app. Whe the pct sees its crime stats rising you can bet they'll start putting a stop to this.

JQ said...

I thought drag racing had been "grandfathered" in Howard Beach. Perhaps the people complaining forgot all the time they spent at the Bow-Wow and Pizza City 50 years ago.

precisely.although the city didn't have the police force it had back then.this behavior could be stopped easily you would think with social networking and surveillance cameras.but clearly some people are not deterred by such specters.

Anonymous said...

"Boys will be boys"? More like: assholes will be assholes.

Queens Crapper said...

Good one.

Anonymous said...

Sorry,we're down 5500 cops. If it's not a felony or a domestic, no one is responding. Instead of complaining
on a blog, write the mayor , the councilperson who heads the public safety commission and demand more cops and civilians. Otherwise you are sol.

JQ said...

last anon...

so where are the felonies occurring in mass protests and film shoots?

we don't need luck,we need accountability and competency from n.y.'s finest.enough with the entrapment tactics and oppression
stop acting like you're shit out common sense.

Anonymous said...

You won't get much competence when the nypd is hiring people who can barely speak and write English, for the sake of diversity........and the cs that are out there are overworked. The city cut the number of cops while starting the 311 system. How would your worlkplace function with a 15% decrease in manpower and a 20% increase in workload?

Noah Zuss said...

Um, pretty sure there have not been anything described by any news reports as "riots" in NYC since the grand jury announcement.