Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Proposal for southeast Queens greenway

Hi Queens Crapper,

My name is Daniel Solow and I am working on a campaign to extend the NYC Greenway into South and East Queens. I enjoy reading your posts. Thank you for giving a real perspective of what life is really like here.

Do you or anyone you know run or ride a bike in Queens? If you do then you know what an utter disaster the experience can be in Jamaica and communities north of JFK and along the Nassau border. My hopes are to give these communities a route that is fun, safe, away from car traffic and tackles widespread health and sedentary issues in Queens.

Currently I am building a coalition to partner with groups that work in Queens and address community needs. It would be great to work together to see this vision come to fruition. Please let me know if you are interested.

Southern Queens Greenway

Warm Regards,

Daniel A Solow


Anonymous said...

When did the Whitestone get a bike/ped path?

Anonymous said...

Whitestone has proposed green ways. The map key explains it.

JQ said...

as a lifelong bike commuter,and as a biker who used to ride to montauk every summer,I would have to start at the south conduit to get to sunrise.which was always a pain because it was a service road and constantly looking back to see if there were any speeding drivers.the north conduit isn't much better,even though it has a sidewalk but you risk getting caught by quota hungry cops

I don't think we need greenways,we had the boardwalk at rockaway but the city is intentionally dragging that process.

we wouldn't need any greenways or bike paths if drivers,bikers and pedestrians conduct themselves better.being cautious and less selfish and reckless could go a long way.

Anonymous said...

Whitestone is black for existing green way?

joe moretti said...

As a bike rider, Jamaica is a disaster trying to ride a bike anywhere in that community.

Queens Crapper said...

It's gray in Whitestone. Adjust your monitor.

Anonymous said...

Not in whitestone crapper on the bridge, it's black.

There was a path for a few years after they built the bridge.

Used to be able to put your bike on the rack on one of the buses too.

Part of the greenway connector through jamaica bay is an off street greenway, from the addabbo to a bit south of the wildlife refuge.

The map may need updating. If someone puts together a new one include paths just outside the city too, south county trail in westchester is nice.

The triboro/rfk and the rockaway bridges you're not allowed to ride your bike, have to walk it. Only time I've seen someone walking their bike on any of those bridges is the cross bay bridge. Coming from the rockaways it's steep in the beginning so a lot wimp out and walk up the ramp. Saw one guy walking his bike coming from the other side too, pretty sure he was just tired though.

Queens Crapper said...

Well the map does say "July 2003" at the bottom.

Anonymous said...

The shoulder of Cross Island Parkway along the Queens-Nassau border has plenty of space for a bike path.