Sunday, December 7, 2014

Photos of a seldom-visited corner of Queens

From Curbed:

Idlewild, Snake Road, Meyer Harbor, Meadowmere. Over the past century, Hook Creek has wandered through these obscure landmarks on the far eastern border of New York City, passing ghost towns, dumps, and ruins, while replenishing hundreds of acres of wetlands. In recent decades, however, government agencies have been chipping away at this Queens estuary, while neglecting the communities around it. "It's kind of a push and pull between manmade things and nature," said Barbara Brown, chairperson of the Eastern Queens Alliance, but residents here, many of whom live in close harmony with the water, are hopeful for its future. "People are seeing this is an area that we need to preserve."

Very interesting photo series!


Anonymous said...

Nice work.

Queens is nearly 40% of NYC and a great deal of it is unknown and forgotten, probably intentionally by the powers that be.

Its a shame the politicians are hell bent on taking advantage of us by ruining both our sense of community as well as our neighborhoods on so many levels.

Anonymous said...

Snake Road is officially called Brookville Boulevard.

Noah Zuss said...

Really interesting, thanks for posting.