Monday, December 1, 2014

No permit at site of fatal roof collapse

From SI Live:

The construction company tasked with performing the demolition of the old Dana Ford Lincoln car dealership in Travis, where a worker was killed Friday after the ceiling collapsed, did not have a permit to operate on the premises, Buildings Department records show.

Port Richmond-based Formica Construction had obtained seven permits related to construction at the West Service Road site since last August, but none are currently valid, records show. The most recent permit expired on Aug. 15.

Officials at the buildings department could not be reached Saturday, but a complaint report on the agency's website states that, "Unpermitted interior demolition caused the mezzanine level to partially collapse to grade."

The buildings department placed the site under a full stop work order following Friday's fatal incident.

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Anonymous said...

Notice this guy has a previous worker fatality under his belt....