Saturday, December 6, 2014

Film industry still being a pain in the ass

From the Queens Chronicle:

Despite a recent respite granted to certain areas in Long Island City, residents say they’re still feeling the sting of heavy filming in their neighborhood.

“It’s like every week there’s a new thing,” Stacey Guild, who lives on 23rd Street, said. “It’s just annoying, you know? Sometimes it’s the parking, other times you can’t even get down the street. We already have traffic issues and now we have to have more because ‘Law and Order’ wants to shoot a five-minute scene under the 7 train?”

According to the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment 45th Road between 11th and 21st streets, 45th Avenue between 21st and 23rd streets and 46th Avenue between Center and Vernon boulevards have a temporary moratorium on filming.
The respite was introduce in the summer.

According to city regulations, productions are required to post “No Parking” signs 48 hours in advance, though some residents claim signs aren’t put in place until the day of.

“Sometimes it’s like 12 hours,” Guild said. “There was one time I was hosting a birthday party at my home and hadn’t realized they were going to film on the street. A lot of my guests had to park far away. I know it has perks, but it’d be nice to have a calendar or list of dates so I and everyone else knows when they’re coming.”


Anonymous said...

Why don't these companies compensate local residents and provide free parking at the hotels (to replace the sequestered street parking)for the duration of the shoot? L&O certainly has the money!

Anonymous said...

The inconvenience of having a TV/movie shoot on your block wouldn't sting quite so much if the production people didn't act like such arrogant assholes to the local residents.

Oh, and they park their trucks in front of fire hydrants all the time which isn't allowed according to their permits. So they are also endangering our safety.

JQ said...

there's a sense of impunity with these hollywood(can it be called that anymore,all these celebrities moved to(fuck)brooklyn)types with their conduct,as with the tower makers and tower people.It's not gonna to stop at all,and it's going to get worse and worse.

mayor big slow has delivered his promise of making this one city all right as the city and the outer boroughs have become the east coast universal studios and amusement park but with traffic and commuter congestion.the electeds are just starstruck charlatans letting the towns rot,inducing more frustration in taxpaying people so they can move.but its cool because they acknowledge the poor.

I suggest that when they have that bullshit catered area,send a phalanx of the smelliest,mentally ill homeless people there and turn it into a soup kitchen.

Anonymous said...

Hey you should see the morons in Middle Village and Glendale posting on Facebook about how great and exciting having a film studio at Atlas Park is going to be! I can't wait for the whining about parking to start so I can say, "I told you so".

Middle Villager said...

I think the people in Middle Village and Glendale are just relieved that it is not going to be another Knockdown Center or homeless shelter. Of course with the crew at Broadway Stages, you never know what the true plans are.

Joe said...

And who can guess how many local neighborhood employees, caterer's or restaurants that film company used for "taking over" the streets and dishing out all that misery

To get the tax breaks TV & film company's must exclusively use services and "closed unions" that are on The Mayors List.
95% of them are all based in Manhattan with the exception of some set building and production in Brooklyn (Broadway Stages).

Your local mom & pop's, pizzeria and guy next door in need of a job is LOCKED OUT !!
I worked at NBC and on the movie "Frequency" as a special prop specialist. --Its all as corrupt & nepotistic as it can possibly get !! These producers, casting agents, production managers and studio bosses are pure underhanded devils !!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, once they turn all of the existing "gritty" areas and low rise buildings into glass boxes, the Film Industry will leave. There will be nothing of interest for them to use as backdrops anymore. They'll still use the landmarks, of course, but trying to film a drug scene in front of a shiny new condo with hipster yogurt/coffee/cupcake shops in the background, doesn't fit the NY they'd want to portray.