Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A better look for southeastern Queens?

From the Daily News:

Downtown Jamaica has received attention, money and resources over the last 30 years to help with revitalization programs, but much of south Queens has remained largely neglected.

The [South East Queens Chamber of Commerce] wants to help businesses learn the know-how to plan events, use social media and gain access to small business loans. But it plans to start small, with beautification efforts along parts of Guy Brewer Blvd., Sutphin Blvd. and South Road.

Members also want to add green spaces and flowers to some of the streetscapes, to make them more welcoming to shoppers.


Anonymous said...

Want to make ilook nicer? Put some cops on foot posts to patrol the area. Anything else is a waste of $$$.

Joe Moretti said...

Lipstick on a pig!

That all it is, plus a huge wastes of money.

How about first enforcing all the quality of life issues in Jamaica from litter to cars on the streets without plates and everything in between. All of that is a form of beautification that does not cost anything, but can actually bring in money in the form of fines.

And as long as you have crap shitty retail and have very little in terms of good food places on Jamaica Avenue you will not entice a better quality of people to come to that area.

So pretty much this plan spends money to pretty up the place for the people who go there who have made the area a mess to begin with. I doubt the obese mother with her three fat off-springs shoveling their faces with McDonald's shit will appreciate the fact that there are now huge potted plants on the sidewalks, which will then end up with said person's fast food wrappers and soda containers.

Enforce laws first, clean up the place, then maybe put this into effect.

What is so hard to understand?

Anonymous said...

It's just a matter of time before Jamaica becomes liberal central just like other parts of nyc. Just stick a few coffee spots with wifi in there and watch the liberals all flock there.

Anonymous said...

Like today's Jamaica residents are conservatives? Well, they do go to church. And then there's Joe ...

Anonymous said...

Gentrifying a neighborhood doesnt solve anything for the people that live there. Plus this whole beautification thing is because of the airtrain from jfk and the random influx of tourists!