Monday, March 7, 2011

Teachers may get the heave-ho

From the Times Ledger:

The city Department of Education released a list of possible teacher layoffs late Sunday night in response to Albany budget cuts and schools all over the borough could be affected.

According to the list based on seniority, about 80 percent of Queens schools would be affected. District 24 would be hit hardest with 8 percent of its teachers getting pink slips. Districts 26, 29 and 30 have the least proposed layoffs with 4 percent, while District 25 faces a 5 percent cut.

Special education teachers, bilingual, English as a Second Language and speech therapy teachers would be excluded from the cuts.

PS 58 in Maspeth could lose the most teachers at 17. Six teachers at PS 290 and four teachers at Rockaway Park High School for Environmental Sustainability could each be cut by 50 percent, the highest percentage in the borough.

Elected officials, the teachers union and parents all blasted the layoffs, which Mayor Michael Bloomberg defended as a necessity to balance the budget.

There's money for computer contractors, however.


Anonymous said...

Mulgrew is a dope

Anonymous said...

The new schools lose the most teachers????
The most overcrowded District 24 will be understaffed!!!
If you can't staff them, why are you wasting money, building additional buildings????? Maspeth/Metro High Schools???
The Bloomy/Klein education plan should now be held negligent.

Anonymous said...

No teacher should be fired...instead, all teachers should get a 2% across-the-board cut in salaries and benefits. This will save the jobs of all teachers.

Anonymous said...

to the last anon poster do you realize that these teachers who most have to study for 6 years or more to become official teachers make about 20,000 less to start than garbage men...

the problem is not cutting salaries or cutting teachers, just cutting unnecessary spending... all of these schools have tons of unused material just rotting in closets and other locations throughout the school and once they become outdated, they throw them out and buy new ones... this whole city school system is just a mess and Bloomberg and his puppet Klein continue to add to the issues...

Anonymous said...

"do you realize that these teachers who most have to study for 6 years or more to become official teachers make about 20,000 less to start than garbage men..."
- - - - - - - - - -- -
Sanitation workers, like everyone else, work 12 months a year. Teachers only 9 months.

Anonymous said...

Unlike sanitation workers, however, teachers have advanced degrees and generally have to bring home work on nights and weekends.

Anonymous said...

the public school playground equipment is usually locked away from the community,unused by children.

while duplicate equipment exists in nearby Park & Recreation play space.

take the unused equipment and add it to the community parks for use.

see P.S.159,at 33rd ave. at 205 street in dist.26, Bayside.

you can observe this duplication at most public schools.

all wasted taxpayer money.

Anonymous said...

Remember how Bloomy "found" the money to keep the nighttime firehouse closures from happening (conveniently enough after the snowstorm fiasco)?

He fired a bunch of Dept. of Education "consultants" earning 6-figure+ salaries. The overspending and waste occurring in the city's top-heavy eduacracy boggles the mind, but the problem is always framed as an "unaccountable, overpaid teacher" problem.

Fire the managers, or give them pay cuts and send them into the classrooms. The latter solution might help classroom sizes from exploding, as under Bloomy's current proposal.

Anonymous said...

BTW, no city worker works 12 months a year. Uniforms get 3-4 weeks off paid vacation per year depending on TOTJ.

Maybe you want to take that benefit away too and complete the U.S. job market's transition to Dickensian wage slavery. That's just the 'way it is' these days. Man up and take it in the a$$ like the rest of us.

King Bloomberg and the Koch Bros. will obligingly give you what you're asking for. With a smile. No Vaseline.

Anonymous said...

very simple solution to the cities dollar woes and dealing with the nyc unions. save $300,000,000 mr. mayor and mr. governor and nyc council- consolidate all 115 nyc union administered welfare funds into one group. one building, city owned, because there are hundreds, no more rent over-paying to their parent unions, one set of fund administators, not 115 overpaid, one computer system and personel, not 115 doing union work on taxpayes dollar. Some union funds, such as the UFT haven't been field audited by the nyc comptroller since 1989 and receive over $350,000,000 per year direct tax subsidies each, millions wasted and the governor, mayor, and city council all know this-they are all scared shitless.