Saturday, March 5, 2011

S.I. house abandoned by city as well as owner

From SI Live:

A critter-infested home that's taken on the look of a neighborhood eyesore has had little done to improve its appearance and condition, say those familiar with the vacant structure in Tottenville.

All that's happened since November, when the Advance first reported on the house at 398 Loretto St. is a power wash, said neighbor John Bonacci, who's lived on the block for 10 years. He's dealt with the ramshackle property next door since the building went up in flames in 2006.

In October, the New York Daily News photographed a raccoon sticking its head out of the building's chimney.

Boarded-up windows can be viewed through a wire strung along a short wooden fence that wraps around the two-story building. A thick, locked chain keeps trespassers away.

Bonacci believes little clean-up can happen because city agencies are unable to get onto the property.

Bullshit. If they want to clean it, they'll clip the lock and enter the property. They have the legal right to do it once notices have gone unanswered. Either DSNY or DOH are responsible.

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Anonymous said...

Now if this was a developer that wanted to put a 10 story building in a back yard of single family homes, he could count on a friendly community board, local press, and the good old politican. Hell, in Queens, most of the local 'civics' as they are, on his side.

Tax monies, bevies of willing civil servents and city agencies, wowsers, he would be more in demand than a sweetykins prancing around recruits during basic training.

Middle class owner occupied home owners. Get real. Who do f*k cares?