Saturday, March 12, 2011

Chinese groups wage war in Flushing

From the NY Times:

On the bustling thoroughfare of Chinese immigrants that is Main Street in Flushing, Queens, countless people hand out fliers for massage parlors, calling cards, English classes, money-wiring stores and other services.

But one group of regulars that offers fliers from its daily spot is not commercially minded. Its message is an ideological one: to disparage Falun Gong, the spiritual and meditation movement founded in China. It’s a movement, Falun Gong organizers say, that has found its largest following outside Asia in Flushing.

The group denounces Falun Gong as a cult, and it incorporates this charge into its name: the Chinese Anti-Cult World Alliance. The alliance set up a small folding table in the summer of 2008 on Main Street near Sanford Avenue, not far from the numerous tables staffed by Falun Gong volunteers who hand out literature lambasting the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese government, which has banned and persecuted Falun Gong, also called Falun Dafa.

For two years, the two factions have staked out their turf on Main Street like rival gangs, and they have waged a bitter ideological battle nearly daily for hearts and minds. They have created a scaled-down version of the tension between Falun Gong and the Chinese government.

Falun Gong members are convinced that this opposition group is an arm of the Chinese government and that its members are working as political operatives to oppress Falun Gong here.


Anonymous said...

Bah fong gool to both groups!

That's what happens when a formerly thriving town turns into an overcrowwded 3rd world cesspool.

Anonymous said...

LOL...welcome to Floo-shing a "destination of choice" the local BID banners proclaim.

Anonymous said...

Lunch special:

One group from column "A" fight another from column "B".

No free egg roll here.

Anonymous said...

Not to worry folks.

The Flushing Commons Muni Lot#1 project will rescue us from all of this low class living.

When every square inch of land is "developed" in Flushing, neither group will have a corner to stand on to air their views and we'll all have to learn to sleep standing up.

Anonymous said...

Build an elevated freeway over the town so us civilized folks further east can by pass it with ease.

Anonymous said...

They wouldnt dare do that crap in their homeland... thrown in prison. eating gruel , sustaining severe beatings and harshe punishment....never to see there families again and spend their life in a workcamp.

Welcome to America...Home of the Free....

Anonymous said...

More like home of the freebie...don'tcha think?

Anonymous said...

Looks like a UFT teachers rally in a foreign language.

Anonymous said...

Yeah...where's randy Randy W. ?

Anonymous said...

Then there's that Chinese anti organ harvesting group that hangs out daily on the south side of Lippman Arcade right in full view of Mc Donald's fast food spot.

Their full color graphic photos give me more indigestion than a "Big Mac" ever could.


Terri Tunes Osborne said...

Let's make Flushing a tourist attraction.

Anonymous said...

Now that OTB has left Roosevelt Ave. let's see who Kent Realty rents that vacant store to.

I guess that OTB was no match for all the illegal gambling parlors that the Asians are running.

They simply lost out to their competition.

"Massagee, massagee, massagee"!

I think I just heard a new business opening up there.

Anonymous said...

Nah...that was Peter Koo's covert op Dennis P. Gallagher running a porn booth.

Anonymous said...

When they build that pedestrian bridge to Wallets Point the inv-Asian will spread to Corona.

Will Clare Shillman be the troll collector?

Mr. Green ($$$$$$) Gene said...

Look out some enterprising Flushing merchant might make "bubble tea" from her bath water....up-Chuck!

BID-derman said...

As long as I get my 85 grand a year.

Myra Bird-brain Hashish said...

"I'm representing the Flushing Iz None of Your Bizzness Ass-ociation".

Anonymous said...

What about the "Ghost Shadows" and "Red Dragons" who were waging their gang wars...extorting protection money from local merchants many years ago?

Of course, that doesn't ever get mentioned.

Anonymous said...

Whore houses remain in business unchecked.

Gambling dens operate with impunity.

Human trafficking goes on unimpeded.

What's the 109th precinct's cut from all this?

What are Ackermans pockets lined with?

Does Nussbaum grab a piece of the action too?

Ah...those sultry "Shanghai Nights"!

Anonymous said...

How come little Joey Orovic ain't covering any of this stuff in the whore Trib?

Might his 2 Mike employers ship him off to Taipei if he dared to?

Anonymous said...

Lizzie Rhode-off into the sunset won't touch it either.

Ttoo much work.

Now maybe if she got it handed to her on a silver salver.

Nah...the Merzons would be on her ass like white on rice.

Ooops...I think I just offended some Asians.

Anonymous said...

Well...there's always the "Courier".

Would the wedding rag weekly queen Vickie go for it?


Not with close friend Claire Shillman on her...uh....!

Politics sure does make strange bed fellows.

Did I say "fellows'?

Beg mistake.

Anonymous said...


That leaves valiant "Queens Crap" the peoples' true voice to spill all the beans on our corrupt little burgh!

Bravo "Crappy"!!!!!!

The other media have no choice but to follow your real news.


Goor May said...

Will this have an impact on my procurement of live octopi?

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Helen Marshall for destroying our borough.

We are forever indebted to you for your generosity.

Whatever us lowly, humble servants of Queens can ever do for you, please fell free to let us know.

You have made our borough a Utopia for all Utopias to come.

Please, change all the rest of our neighborhoods to this shining example of safe, affordable, immaculately clean, family-oriented, quiet and peaceful hamlet that you so graciously bestowed onto us. My children will thank you and my children's children's will forever be your indentured servants.

Claire Shillman said...

"Thank you, Helen Marshall for destroying our borough."

And I helped!

Moby Stavisky said...

HEY! On Monday the North Flushing Senior Center is serving live octopus for lunch. Only $2! Such a deal. Be there or be square.

Anonymous said...

Skyview was giving out free umbrellas Thursday you hoes!

Dee Truth said...

Skyview was giving out free umbrellas Thursday you hoes!

But they were charging for the rain!!!

Anonymous said...

if you read the comments after the nyt article ,you might get a more serious opinion of the clash between an exposure of communism group, and the marxist chinese government agents.

read comments #"s 13,kailian..15,melissa l..and 20 roz...

a) how a foreign authoritarian power infiltrates a community in our own country.
b)the 1989 killing of unarmed students in TIANAMEN SQUARE (by running tanks over them).
c)idealogical competition to the COMMUNIST PARTY.

remember that from 1950-53,37,000 American military was killed by the U.S.S.R,CHINESE AND NORTH KOREAN, COMMUNISTS. the allied nations fought them to a truce ,when they invaded South Korea and killed and enslaved millions of S.koreans

the marxists do not quit, ever.

Groucho said...

the marxists do not quit, ever.

How true.

I shot an elephant in my pajamas...

Anonymous said...

joe stalin, mao,fidel castro and the nut in n.korea,ALL MARXISTS,

salute you.

Anonymous said...

This land is lost, rejoice, the apocalypse is upon us.

Claire Shillman said...

Groucho said...
the marxists do not quit, ever.

How true.

I shot an elephant in my pajamas...


I laughed so hard I almost whet my appetite!!!

Anonymous said...

This land is lost, rejoice, the apocalypse is upon us.
No, more like everyone is lost. Everyone alive today on this world deserves to die. There's no such thing as empathy in the world anymore.

Anonymous said...

That's what happens when a formerly thriving town turns into an overcrowwded 3rd world cesspool.
There's conflict among groups everywhere, not just in immigrant areas. I can say jsut as easily, "Oh in America, there's the KKK, Westboro Baptists, crazy evangelicals, etc. and other crazy Americans" And I don't understand what you mean by "formerly thrivign town." One of the myriad of reasons why asians were drawn to Flushing was the low price of the real estate when the US was going through another one of it's recessions back then. HOUSING PRICES DIPPED and fluctuated greatly, so many of the Jews and italians moved out and the asians moved in. Flushing was never a thriving town and it isn't even thriving now in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

i moved from flushing,sanford avenue,when the district 25 school district continued their social engineering racial outrage ,by not allowing my child to cross the avenue to the local school. they wanted to force bus her to 164 st. @65th avenue

after the worlds fair workers moved from the new buildings on sanford and barclay avenues,the tenants who could afford the rents remained in the area and were content.
until the n.y.c. poverty pimps began subsidizing the rents for welfare tenants in queens. they all left flushing and left it to the socialists.

the socialists and their real estate pals then solicited the chinese mainland for fill in pocket money.

Anonymous said...

Falun Dafa, or Falun Gong, or whatever you want to call it *is* a cult.

Their idea that their small cult is a threat to China is beyond grandiose, and their idea that secret agents of China are in America to try to destroy them is the kind of paranoia you'd expect from a cult. It is kind of like saying that cult in Waco run by David Koresh was a threat to the US. Falun Dafa might be persecuted in China, but so are other groups, and China does not see this crazy cult whose leader claims he is the reincarnated Buddha to be a major threat.

As far as the PLA's Second Department (China's CIA) being out to destroy them - China's method of spying is different than the US's and Russia's. China looks at large numbers of people born in China, now in the US, to be it's intelligence network. It sends Second Department people around the Chinese communities, who sit down with people, tell the person they're talking to that they represent China and ask if they can give them some information, for the benefit of the motherland. Much of it is industrial information, there's very little, if any, James Bond, sneak a spy into the military base and the like. If the US was so anti-China, it wouldn't be rolling up its factories and sending them over there at a breakneck pace.

Anonymous said...

after you read the commenters on the nyt article,read:

Bill Gertz(wikipedia) "BETRAYAL",how the clinton administration undermined the national security of the United States".1999 it discusses the of missle technology to China,1998.

always get an expert second opinion after you have been fed propaganda from the left.

Anonymous said...

Use babelfish on google or yahoo - it translates everything

Anonymous said...

Hey kids,

Before we all laud Queens Crap, let's scroll through the rest of Crapper's posts and realize that a decent amount of this blog's content comes from the weekly papers you all love shitting on. Three on the home page as I'm typing this.

That includes Liz, Joey, Ruffles, the Courier, the Trib, etc. I'm sure the weeklies passed up on this story because, oh, that's right, they covered it four years ago.

I guess the NY Times needs to send a reporter on an annual trip to Queens to report on old news for it to matter.

I'm sure you'll all be outraged after the Times finally does a splendid rehash job about Flushing Commons, Aqueduct and the RKO too. Then you can blame the weeklies for not covering it, even though they had.

Until then, keep up this xenophobic racist nonsense. It looks good on you.


Liz, Joey, Ruffles, Mike and Mike, Claire, Helen, Moby, Evan, Gene, Vicky, Michael Lee, Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Bloomberg, Mao and whatever other bogeyman is assigned the blame your collective shitty voting habits.

Tony Arse-I-Am-ian said...

Hey, you forgot me and the Gazette!

Queens Crapper said...

May I ask what crawled up your ass? You always come here trying to prove that weekly paper covered a story before it was posted here. I NEVER said the weekly papers do not cover news. I repeatedly have said that they support the system that keeps incumbents in power. They print press releases like they are news and they edit their stories to make certain pols look like they have done more than they have. Why? They rely on them for ad revenue. Every holiday there is an avalanche of money poured into each weekly paper by the pols sending greetings to their constituents. So the papers have to toe the line in order not to upset them. This leads to less than honest reporting. Just about every local newspaper endorsed the mayor because he promised them a wad of cash if they did. So all we see are press releases from city agencies repackaged as news. Is this right? Even the reporters at these papers have told me privately that they couldn't agree more with my commentary.

You are either too stupid or unperceptive if you don't see that this is a problem. And that is what I have been trying to get across since Dec 2006, which is when this blog started. So I can't be responsible for "missing" an article that was published before I started blogging.

Time to go get a life.

A. Phann said...

Crappy---We love you. Please don't ever change! Keep on truckin'...