Monday, March 14, 2011

Chinese group wants to build RKO Keith's

From the Times Ledger:

A Manhattan real estate agent is lobbying the developer behind the proposed overhaul of the long-neglected RKO Keith’s Theatre to take on the services of a Chinese construction company for the project.

David Drezner, of Canterbury Financial Group, said Monday that he is hoping to convince Patrick Thompson, the project’s developer, to hire the firm — which he declined to name — to handle the financing and construction of the redevelopment.

The firm has up to $1 billion available to finance projects, Drezner said, and it is willing to lend Thompson the full $160 million for the project if he can guarantee that the company will have the exclusive contract for its construction.

“I have an Asian construction company who will put up $160 million just to do the construction, but they’d have to arrange a takeout so they make sure they get their money,” Drezner said, later confirming that the company is based in China.

Michael Nussbaum, a spokesman for Thompson, said he was not aware of Drezner’s proposal. Thomspon has received offers to work with other firms and groups, he said, but the developer will not make any decisions until the project receives final approval from Borough President Helen Marshall and the city Board of Standards & Appeals.

Drezner, who said he has worked in real estate since the 1960s, also said the company would likely use union and local labor, though he said it would want to employ its own engineers.


Anonymous said...

Drezner, who said he has worked in real estate since the 1960s, also said the company would likely use union and local labor, though he said it would want to employ "its own engineers."

T I M B E R !

Gary Hackerman said...

Gonna make something of it? After all, I'm on the Congressional Asian Committee and what a great killing my friends and I can make! Booyah!

Tribune Mike said...

Oh no he di'int!

Anonymous said...

after the destruction of the r.k.o.,that huang did,they should rebuild it for free.

this stinks........

Anonymous said...

No BIG surprise. Looks like a TDC project anyway.


Wellington Chen has his hand in everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Drezner is intent on flipping it back to one of Tommy Huang's shell companies.

Anonymous said...

" a Chinese construction company"? i hope it is not the H Rock Corp. of Huang family's.

Anonymous said...

If you Google "Patrick Thompson" and "David Drezner" you will find their "Linkedin" format (type face & layout) identical.

Listed among what they both do are "business deals"...a rather vague, street language term...for those who are supposed to be big boys playing in the world of big business.

Canterbury Financial Group...a "boutique" firm is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana.

There are several basic blind listings for a Patrick Thompson who might possibly be the Keith's owner...with no further info (unless you are a subscriber) which locate him in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, etc.

I left a message with you last Friday Connor referring to this info.

Since you didn't return my call newsboys can read what I collect further in Queens Crap.

Perhaps now you "investigative" motivated "news hounds" might now be prodded into doing a real in depth story on the Keith's.

Jerry Rotondi, Comm. to Save keith's Inc. said...

We are not overly concerned with which construction firm undertakes the development of the RKO Keith's site, so long as they are fully competent professionals who are accustomed to handling a project of this scope and magnitude.

The New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission, however, requires that "workers must be fluent in the English language".

You can find this stated in their thick book of procedures pertaining to this specific project.

We guess that their intention was to eliminate any possible communication problems during construction which could result in damaging the landmark ticket lobby and grand foyer.

Jerry Rotondi, Comm. to Save Keith's, Inc. said...


Seismographic monitoring during all phases of construction was an additional requirement of the LPC.

The Flushing Phantom said...

If this topic is left solely to the weekly press, nothing will be written beyond cursory coverage or one of Nussbaum's typical puff pieces.

It's no coincidence that Manes' former "bag man" Michael Nussbaum is "representing" the (public relation?) interests of Thompson...that Drezner is pushing for a Chinese construction company to handle this project...and that Congressman Ackerman is on the Asia Committe.

Will they all be taking a cut from the final profits...skimming off some cream that winds up getting laundered into campaign funds, off shore bank accounts etc.?

Is Thompson just a "white boy" fronting for a Taiwanese developer?

Speaking of "white boys" you should see the "pale, male & stale" faces on that Indianapolis firm "Canterbury Financial Group".

I guess this time around (after Tommy Huang) everybody knows that an Asian developer doing the Keith's won't go over very they put an Anglo-White veneer on the project.

Of course, Borough Hall and CB#7 will just sit back and let whatever happens happen...doing as little as possible.

That's what they've always done best...isn't that so?

In Queens, "progress" is essential and history is dispensable.

Mark my words,
there will be an "accident" at the Keith's...regardless of the demands set forth by the LPC...which will result in the landmark spaces being fully destroyed.

Then Donald Manes' original plan will be implemented.

"The Donald" is dead.
Long live his plan!

Anonymous said...

Hey Flushing Phantom...can you arrange to drop a chandelier on Ackerman's head?

Anonymous said...

Two (or was it three?) people died in an automobile accident incident right in front of the Keith's back in the 1950s.

Boooooo & bugga-bugga !!!!

Bad feng shui for Chinese contractor.

Why do you think that Tommy Huang had such bad luck?

The place is haunted!

Theater employees often heard strange noises and voices after hours there.

Vaudeville ghosts too...perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Hey "Nussie"...why not open one of your "Shanghai Nights" clubs there?

A big high class rub joint and posh gambling casino might pay for a full restoration.

Then the gambling bound yachts of wealthy Oriental "businessmen" can berth at the Flushing River...walk a few blocks over and enter a golden paradise of girls 'n glitter at the opulent Keith's Castle.

Does this all sound good to you too...Shenckler and Ackerman?

This way..."everybody has a wet dream...everybody sees the sun rise".

(A little homage to a rather famous British rock group).

Anonymous said...

And what do you think Mr. Apelian?

You should be reading all this stuff soon...after your morning cup of java.

Anonymous said...

H-m-m-m....Gene might squint his eyes to peruse Queens Crap after he wakes from his weekend bender.

Gene said...

H-m-m-m....Gene might squint his eyes to peruse Queens Crap after he wakes from his weekend bender.



upChuck said...

Gene! Wake up! They're on to us!

Gene said...

Where's the fire?

upChuck said...

In your eyes!

Claire Shillman said...

To Gene and Chuck:

Thanks to you boys, I can now replace my wooden choppers with real ones. I won't be spittin' splinters at you any more!

Who sez crime doesn't pay? Right, FBI guys? Oops. Did I say that out loud??? My bad.

Anonymous said...

Why did they allow tearing down the thrice older Whitestone Epworth?

Anonymous said...

YES!!!! exciting news, vibrant & diverse!

Anonymous said...

YES!!!! exciting news, vibrant & diverse!

More accurate than the Trib. Right, Mike?

Gary Hackerman said...

I lost the schedule. When is the next pay(off)day? I'm a little short.

Anonymous said...

Not familiar with the "Whitestone Epworth"...expound further please.

Anonymous said...

The dragnet is getting tighter now that Lipsky turned himself in.

Maybe after he sings we'll see Shulman & Co. doing some real jail time along with Hackerman and the Trib's 2 Mikes.

Now wouldn't that be sweet?

But I'd be willing to settle for Gary & Nussie.

Gene and Chuck dog and pony show said...

But I'd be willing to settle for Gary & Nussie.

What are we? Chopped liver?

Joe said...

Let me guess 8X10 barracks with press stamped stainless steel crappa's like the outskirts of Shanghai ?
Why don't the just buy a scrap whaling processing ship and dump it there. They can have live octopus and baby dolphin market on the deck

Anonymous said...

Of the (Chinese) the (Chinese) people...and for the (Chinese) people!

No truly civilized person wants to live in Flushing anymore.

And what relatively recent ceremony did Helen Marshall attend in the Orient?

Was it the transfer of the deed for the Flushing colony to the Huang family?

Anonymous said...

You've got it right Joe.

If TDC builds it...THEY ARE a Shanghai based company.

Their US headquarters are located in Flushing's "Queens Crossing" building.

This is the same outfit that's going to be building over Muni Lot #1...and most Willets Point.

The "round eyes" aren't welcome here anymore.

Anonymous said...

Patrick Thompson is just a front.

Nussbaum knows what's really up.

And I'll bet those old Trib pals, Ackerman and Shenckler, are going to get a bonus from all this.

Anonymous said...

Chinese engineers?

Oops...velly sorry...building fall down and crush lobby!

Anonymous said...

Build a smuggling tunnel to the waterfront and warehouse those sex slaves that Nussie & Shenkie like in the Keith's.

Anonymous said...

two men in a tub.

Look who just popped up between Nussie's legs...Moby the whale!

Anonymous said...

That was Evan in drag...not his mom.

It ain't a Navy seal.

Anonymous said...

"Of the (Chinese) the (Chinese) people...and for the (Chinese) people!"


As sick as that sounds, it is so true, especially in Flushing.

Asiatics only! All other law abiding citizens of America need not shop or live there. Flushing is truly an Asian colony. Or is it a Chinese colony? I guess it depends on which tribe you ask.

georgetheatheist said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
georgetheatheist said...

From the NYTIMES of March 13 ("Carnage on Highway in the Bronx After a Crash Tears a Bus Apart"):

"Gang Luo, who identified himself as the Chinese consul in New York, visited Jacobi [Hospital] and spoke to hospital officials".

Check out the website of the Consulate General of the People's Republic of China here, -that's right, in the "heart" of Manhattan, 520 TWELFTH Avenue.

I checked it high and low and there's no Gang Luo mentioned as the Consul General of China thereon. Actually, THERE'S NO NAME OF ANY STAFF MEMBER ON THE WEB SITE. What and Who are they hiding?

Just who is Gang Luo and why was he in the Bronx inquiring about the passengers on the mangled bus?

georgetheatheist said...

Here's the link.

Consulate-General of the People's Republic of China

Anonymous said...

"What and Who are they hiding?"
Lies, lies, lies and more lies! Liars and cheats. Part of the culture.

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is just for law abiding Americans.

Anonymous said...

was the comptroller j.liu on the scene also?

as world cm ,would he find out who was the blame for this tragic accident?

his massive public relations press releases were noted by the n.y.c. media.

georgetheatheist said...

Now why would the Chinese Consulate investigate a crash of a bus in the Bronx?

Were the killed/injured Chinese citizens? From mainland China? Taiwan? Were they illegal/legal aliens? If they were Americans, why would the consulate go up there to look around?

Keep your eye on the consulate.

Anonymous said...

he might have been a chinese ambulance chasing liar - lawyer looking for clients to sue the bus company, n.y.state,n.y.c government (taxpayers money) ?

also maybe a communist spy was a accident victim?????

Anonymous said...

All chinks are gooks! but all gooks aren't chinks.....

Anonymous said...

That was Evan in drag...not his mom.

It ain't a Navy seal.

Stop picking on Evan. It's not everyone who could claim that his Mom's birth canal was her anus!

Moby said...

Shut up or I'll poop out another one!

Anonymous said...

one wonders how many gambling buses leave main st /flu shing each day ?

Anonymous said...

The thing is built on a floating platform. In a flood, it would rise high above the rest of Fua Shing!

Moby said...

The thing is built on a floating platform. In a flood, it would rise high above the rest of Fua Shing!

Just like my turdy son.