Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Stimulus money awarded to new projects

From the NY Times:

City officials have chosen five more development projects, one in each borough, to receive tax-free financing through the federal stimulus program.

One of the chosen projects is a 117-room hotel to be built on the former site of the Pepper & Potter car dealership on Flatbush Avenue in downtown Brooklyn, which would borrow $20 million.

Another hotel? Thank God, this is just what we need.

...up to $28 million — would go to a terminal and pier on Staten Island that would receive imports of cement by ship for distribution around the city.

I didn't realize we needed to import cement. Seriously.

An additional $19.8 million would help finance a parking deck at St. Barnabas Hospital in the Bronx.


Up to $17 million of bonds would be issued on behalf of Fleet Financial Group, which plans to build North Queens Medical Center, an 80,000-square-foot treatment facility with a parking garage on Union Street in Flushing.

This is getting better. What exactly is this? Hospital? Clinic? Doctors' offices? I can't seem to find any information about North Queens Medical Center anywhere.

The last $2.2 million would go to My Image Studios for outfitting an arts and entertainment studio in the Kalahari Condominium on West 116th Street in Harlem.

An arts and entertainment center at a luxury condo in Harlem? Excellent use of my tax dollars.


Denise said...

The Kalahari is not a luxury condo. It's mixed income and in fact just won a workforce housing award.

Queens Crapper said...

The Kalahari

I rest my case.

Anonymous said...

Please don't call these projects "mixed income". We know that means high income. Affordable housing is a farce. Here's another project in Jamaica that's supposedly affordable.

Anonymous said...

Why not build some schools to relieve the overcrowding

Anonymous said...

Crappy, are you the bearded heavy set guy with the newish grey camry?

Anonymous said...

It is mixed-income. All that's left is the "luxury" units which is half the building. By the way, it's the luxury units that helps subsidize the affordable units. I make $89,000 a year and wouldn't be able to afford to buy a place if not for a mixed-income project so please don't "crap" on the concept Anonymous 1 and Crapper.

Anonymous said...

The vast majority of people who live alone on a middle income salary rent.

Queens Crapper said...

$89,000 is not considered "middle income" in Harlem.

Anonymous said...

this proposed medical treatment center is a must ,in order to accommodate cong. gary ackerman's order ,for 1-2 million free loaders from

how much per/body do you think he receives from the chi/coms ?